Some bid teams are now spread around the world. They have everything they need to communicate and share documents across continents. Customers are increasingly specifying entirely electronic submissions. Proposal automation tools have matured and are widely used. The process is moving towards entirely paperless bidding (except for the faithful Post-It note !).

But is this the future of every bid team? Do some of these technologies solve one problem but introduce another? What is 'the next big thing' and what stops everyone from adopting it? These are questions we will explore during our May APMP UK event, hosted on Tuesday 20th May at Mitie's facility in Reading.

Details of the event are below. But first, we need your help. Please complete our Bids & Proposals Technology Survey, here - It will take less than 10 minutes of your time and APMP UK wants YOUR opinions on the questions above, even if you’re based too far away to attend. We’ll be sharing the results of the survey at the event and with interested members later.

About our presenter: This subject is home territory for our presenter, Alex King. He co-founded Amplio Software, an independent reseller of tools for bids and business winning. Before that, Alex was a top Price to Win analyst with Thales. In his role he made extensive use of technology to collate the competitive intelligence that underpins Price to Win. He is only too familiar with the challenges of coordinating the efforts of multi-continental teams.

Day in, day out, Alex sees different companies reaping the benefits of new technology. He also sees avoidable pitfalls and the cultural impact that technology changes have on teams. Alex will look at people’s attitudes towards technology – and its promises, perils and benefits. The presentation will be light on the specifics of tools and focus more on those who use them.

Please help us in this essential and relevant research by adding your voice to the survey:

APMP UK looks forward to your survey responses and to sharing the results with you on 20th May. Click on the link below to book your place at the event.