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BPC New Orleans Sponsorship Opportunities

Exhibitor Opportunities

Exhibitor Space Booth Package $3,250

8’ x 9’ x 12’ Booth Size (W x L x H)
2 Standard Chairs
1 Wastebasket
Lead Generation
*Customized options for sponsorship booth packages upon request

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Sponsor Registrations - $950 per registrant

Sponsors can purchase discounted registrations 

Registration is required for entry to the event.

Ad Hoc Sponsorships

Purchased Sessions in APMP’s Technology and Innovation Suite - $2,000 per Session


For two years, we have offered sponsored sessions in a Technology and Innovation Suite. The sessions were always well attended, so we are bringing back this great opportunity to connect with the BPC participants.

Swag in the Bags - $510

Include an item in the BPC New Orleans Swag Bags. Bags will be handed out to every attendee upon check-in. Examples include pens, books, hand fans, notepads, etc. APMP will be stuffing 1200 bags. Items are to be purchased by the sponsor and delivered to the venue before the deadline. Details will be provided upon purchase.

swag 1

Event Email Blast - $500

Attract the attention of our attendees by sending them an email either before or after the event. In the email, you can inform them about any discounts available, advertise a giveaway taking place at your booth, direct them to a particular session, or provide any other relevant information. This email will be sent to all the registered attendees on the date it is scheduled to be sent. Please note that sponsors are responsible for creating and designing the content of the email.

Event Space Branding Opportunities

*All branding opportunities include installation, removal, and hotel rental fees.

2nd Floor – The second floor is the home to the BPC registration desk, exhibition hall, and some of our breakout sessions.

Second Floor Hallway Clings


B003 Canal View Wall 2 – 40 sq ft - $1850 *Wall has a small outlet near the bottom.

B003 Canal View Wall 3 – 40 sq ft - $1850

B003 Canal View Wall 6 – 40 sq ft - $1850 *Wall has a small outlet near the bottom.

B003 Canal View Wall 7 – 38 sq ft - $1800

B003 Canal View Wall 9 – 39 sq ft - $1825

B003 Canal View Wall 10 – 38 sq ft - $1800 *Wall has 3 small outlets near the bottom.

MicrosoftTeams image 7

3rd Floor – The third floor is the home to the general session and some breakout rooms.

Third Floor Hallway Clings


C002 Canal Foyer Canal View Wall 1 – 64 sq ft - $2500

C002 Canal Foyer Wall 2 – 30 sq ft - $1500

C002 Canal Foyer Wall 3 – 31 sq ft - $1525

C002 Canal Foyer Wall 5 – 29 sq ft - $1475

C002 Canal Foyer Wall 6 – 32 sq ft - $1550

C002 Canal Foyer Wall 7 – 30 sq ft - $1500 *Wall has a small outlet near the bottom.

C002 Canal Foyer Wall 8 – 29 sq ft - $1475 *Wall has a white light box at the very top.

C002 Canal Foyer Wall 9 – 29 sq ft - $1475 *Wall has a small outlet near the bottom.

MicrosoftTeams image 8
Acquiring this micro-certification allows me to expand my aperture regarding the collaboration between capture and proposal management to develop more robust, customer-centric Executive Summaries for future pursuits. It allows me to advance my skill set, evolve my knowledge, and reflect my commitment to continuous learning.
Stephen Yuter, ES-M APMP
For the first time since I started my career, I felt like I was not alone in my struggles to meet deadlines, wrangle SMEs, and answer impossible questions. I’m grateful to have this community to share our wisdom and experiences.
Anthony Rossi, CF APMP
This was my first APMP event, and I was wholly impressed. The energy in the room reignited my passion for this industry, and I can't wait to get back to my team to implement what I have learned.
Brittany Guzman
Brittany Guzman, CF APMP
The certifications, starting from the foundation to the professional level, help individuals from diverse timeframes in their careers.
Mayura Ravishankar, Proposal Associate
APMP has been instrumental in my success and has given me a framework in which to coach and mentor the bid and proposal stars of the future.
Mescall Ceri Photo
Ceri Mescall, CPP APMP
Acquiring the executive summary micro certification has helped to build my confidence in producing best practice Executive Summaries. I also benefit from the social media badge for my LinkedIn profile and certification to add to my resume. Both of these allow me to verify my Executive Summary capabilities.
Laura Rispin, CP ES-M APMP
APMP's techniques on proposal writing are meticulously engineered with real-life examples, and the extensive information available in their Body of Knowledge is a goldmine for bid & proposal professionals.
Anant Shukla, CF APMP
Being a part of APMP, I get access to the knowledge and experience of great leaders and mentors from the community. I have learned a great deal from the webinars and conferences I attended on diverse topics from career progression in Proposal Management, trends (such as automation) in PreSales to achieving work-life balance, and handling burn-outs – all real-life experiences.
Kulkarni Shubhada photo
Shubhada Kulkarni, CP APMP
My experience, combined with the APMP Body of Knowledge, helped me obtain both the APMP Foundation exam and the Practitioners exam within a week.
Sonal Bhatnagar, CP APMP, PMP
With this micro-certification and digital badge, I signal to my bid team and stakeholders that I am familiar with this topic. They can use me as their contact and "sparring partner," independent of RFPs.
Norbert Thiemermann, CPP ES-M APMP