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BPC Orlando Sponsorship Opportunities

Exhibitor Opportunities

Standard Booth Package - $3,000

8’ x 9’ Booth Size

Draped Table (6’ long)

2 Standard Chairs

1 Wastebasket

*Customized options for sponsorship booth packages upon request.

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Lead Generation

BPC Lead Retrieval - Add-on service available through CustomReg 

Lead Retrieval

Sponsor Registrations - $950 per registrant

Sponsors can purchase discounted registrations 

Registration is required for entry to the event.

Event-Based Opportunities

APMP’s Regi-Ception

This welcome event takes place among the exhibitors to welcome BPC attendees, encourage registration, and introduce our exhibitors. This event takes place on Sunday, May 21, from 6 – 8 PM EST.

Bar Sponsorship - $2000 per bar

SOLD - Regi-Ception Title Sponsorship (first come, first available) - $10,000

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The TARA (The Art of Reconnecting Annually)

Previous BPC attendees raved about the TARA and the positive experiences they had networking, eating, drinking, and having fun. This year will be no different! This year’s event takes place on Tuesday, May 24, from 6 – 9 PM CST.

Bar Sponsorship - $2000 per bar

TARA Title Sponsorship (first come, first available) - $15,000

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Purchased Sessions in APMP’s Technology and Innovation Suite

At BPC 2022, we, for the first time, offered sponsored sessions in a Technology and Innovation Suite. The sessions were well attended, and so we are bringing back this excellent opportunity to connect with the BPC participants.

SOLD OUT - T&I Session (12 sessions available) - $500 per session

Email Blast - $500

Send a dedicated pre- or post-email blast to event registrants.

SOLD - Keynote Speaker Introduction - $2,000

Three-minute introduction of keynote speaker at BPC.

Branding Opportunities

SOLD - Registration Desk Sponsorship - $4000

Co-branding with APMP & BPC Orlando


SOLD - Lanyard Sponsorship - $3000

Have your company represented on EVERY BPC attendee’s neck!

SOLD - Attendee Tote Bag Sponsorship - $2000

Tote size 13 ½” W x 14 ½” H; One color, one sized imprint, 8”x8” imprint size

SOLD - Event Wi-Fi Sponsorship - $2000

Branded splash page – the first impression of all attendees before they can log into the BPC event’s Wi-Fi.

Floor Clings

Two sizes are available. Multiple clings can be purchased. Clings will be placed in the area at the base of the escalators – all traffic to the convention space will pass through. APMP will group sponsored clings together by company unless specifically requested to be spaced strategically throughout the event space.

36” x 36” cling (9 total sq. ft) - $225 / ea.
60” x 60” cling (25 total sq. ft) - $620 / ea.


SOLD - Stair Cling – $4000

32 total steps in 3 levels with 2 landings (160 total sq. ft)

SOLD - Windsong Corner Window Bank Clings - $3,300


Wall Insert Clings – $500/ea.

Various locations available

Wall Insert Clings

Windsong 30” Wall Clings

Great attention getters along the main path of attendee traffic. Each 30” ‘banner’ is sold separately. Up to 6 available for each location (S5 & S6).

SOLD - S5 30” banner - $570 / ea.
6 – 30" tall strips available OR $3,420 for the whole panel (138 total sq. ft)

S6 30” banner - $300 / ea.
6 – 30" tall strips available OR $1,800 for the whole panel (72 total sq. ft)

30 Wall Clings

SOLD - Windsong Exit Wall Cling - $2470

Wall cling at the exit of the main ballroom and breakouts into the exhibit and dining area. Area S7 is in the picture. 100 total sq. ft.

Exit Wall Cling

SOLD - Windsong Entrance Back Header Cling - $4000

All attendees will be walking through this archway on their way to the main exhibit space. (158 total sq ft)

I never want to be complacent in my career, so it has been beneficial to have this group of peers who are going through similar trials and tribulations in the proposal world on a day-to-day basis.
jill zander
Jill Zander, CF APMP
APMP is an organization full of hardworking, enthusiastic professionals who are dedicated to promoting their industry and practicing their craft.
Heather Finch, CF APMP
I would advise new professionals to take advantage of the resources that APMP offers. Not only do you have access to conferences and seminars through your chapter, but the free webinars and the robust network of professionals are great benefits that can help advance one’s career.
3. Kessie Valerie photo
Valerie Kessie, CP APMP
My experience, combined with the APMP Body of Knowledge, helped me obtain both the APMP Foundation exam and the Practitioners exam within a week.
Sonal Bhatnagar, CP APMP, PMP
I love that my high scores in English and grammar from grade school finally paid off! I understand where I fit in professionally with a career that is rewarding on many levels. I owe all of this to APMP!
Bette Sturino, CP APMP
As a sales coach, the executive summary is vital for capturing and proposing management activities. This is an excellent addition to our members' professional standing, and I look forward to many more micro certifications.
289 20220826104813307 200X200
Suzanne Shields, CPP APMP, ES-M APMP
The Executive Summary is the key element of each proposal, literally the most important part of the response next to the price – this is why my focus was on this micro certification. Understanding the principles of Deal-Strategy, Win-Strategy, Competitor-Analysis, Ghosting, Persuasive Writing, Features/Benefits/Discriminators, and many more is essential and beneficial for so much more than just the Executive Summary.
Picture Square
Florian Lamisch, CF APMP, ES-M APMP
APMP has changed my professional life, elevating it to a standard that I didn’t know existed. Aside from the professional advantages of being certified as an APMP Professional, it’s the community of members who make it so special.
Rita Mascia, CPP APMP
The certifications, starting from the foundation to the professional level, help individuals from diverse timeframes in their careers.
Mayura Ravishankar, Proposal Associate
Being an active APMP certified practitioner allowed me to recognize my hidden potential multifold (40u40, BPC Awards, BPC Speaker) and give back to the profession through the APMP community.
KK 2
Karthik Koutharapu, CP APMP