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2011 Preconference
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2011 Conference Logo22nd Annual APMP® International Conference & Exhibits
Sheraton Downtown, Denver, Colorado
31 May - 3 June 2011


Preconference Activities (Tuesday, 31 May 2011)

PRECONFERENCE WORKSHOP - Billion Dollar Proposal Graphics: How to Your Turn Text and Ideas Into Winning Visuals

Don't lose any more energy, money, and time over explaining your ideas, getting negative feedback, or failing to hit your goals. Help your audience better absorb your solutions, concepts, data, processes, and ideas. Influence and motivate your audience to choose you. Leave no doubt that you offer the best solution.

Trainer Mike Parkinson is an internationally recognized visual communications expert and an APMP Fellow. He is a partner at 24 Hour Company ( specializing in bid-winning proposal graphics.

PRECONFERENCE WORKSHOP - Wordman’s Microsoft Word for Proposal Professionals

Proposal documents offer their own challenges when using Microsoft® Word—figure artwork and captions integrated with the text, complex heading numbering, multiple contributors and reviewers... Learn how to get the very best out of Word 2007 when developing proposals with this one-day workshop from Wordman. Learn how to: set up Word 2007 for developing proposals; create robust proposal templates; integrate artwork and text; collaborate, review and submit.

Wordman is Dick Eassom: an APMP Fellow, Past APMP CEO, recipient of the APMP Founders’ Award, and presenter at the last ten APMP Annual Conferences on using Microsoft Word for proposal development. Learn more about Wordman’s training, consulting and Microsoft Word add-ins at

PRECONFERENCE WORKSHOP - APMP-Foundation™ Level Accreditation Coaching and Examination

Shipley Associates, the first APMP Approved Training Organization (ATO), will facilitate a one-day Foundation-Level Accreditation Coaching Session and Examination. Shipley’s facilitator, Ed Alexander, who helped frame the entire APMP Accreditation Program, will facilitate the coaching/examination session.

This pre-conference event is a perfect time for you to earn the credentials you need to succeed as a proposal professional. Each participant will receive a free copy of the Shipley Proposal Guide and the Shipley Business Development Lifecycle Guide.

PRECONFERENCE WORKSHOP - APMP-Practitioner™ Level Accreditation Coaching and Examination

During this one-day workshop, you will work in a small group with an Approved Mentor who will show you a concise and easy format for you to capture and record your experience to meet the required standards. You will submit your PPAQ online at the end of the day. During the evening, APMP Approved Assessors will contact your nominated reference to randomly check the evidence you have provided within your self-assessment, and you will be invited back the following day for your result.

Dr. Chet RichardsPRECONFERENCE WORKSHOP: Applying Sun Tzu to Winning Proposals: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act (OODA) and Win

Learn to deliver the promises of Sun Tzu’s strategic thinking. Find the theory interesting, but what you really want are results? America's greatest modern strategist, the late USAF Col. John Boyd, shared your frustration, and that's why he came up with his famous OODA loop model to translate ideas into actions. One of John Boyd's closest colleagues, Dr. Chet Richards, will walk you through Boyd's OODA loop, the one he actually used, not the popular misconception. We'll explore implicit guidance and control, which Boyd considered key to making the loop work, and tools for unleashing creativity and initiative while achieving "commander's intent." Along the way, we'll explore Boyd's original briefings, examples from lean, and your own experiences in managing proposal and marketing operations. Learn to translate winning concepts in concrete strategies and actions that will leave you Certain to Win under difficult competitive circumstances.

Join Dr. Chet Richards, our Conference Opening Keynote, from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM on Tuesday, 31 May for an exciting examination of how to improve probability of win using these theories.