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Webinar Library

Each month, APMP offers live webinars that address a number of industry topics and best practices.

Each session is recorded and available for viewing at your convenience.

All APMP webinar products (live and recorded) are free to members. For nonmembers, the cost is $75.

Live Webinars

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Advancing My Career: APMP Practitioner and Professional Certification

If you’re at the APMP Foundation Level of Certification, let us help you keep the momentum going. Prove your industry expertise and what an asset you are to your organization. Charlie Divine, CPP APMP Fellow and Director of Certification, will show you the simple steps required to make the jumps.

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Agile Proposal Development Methods

Presented August 2018
Using Agile methods can mean faster, more focused, and higher-quality deliveries, especially in fast-changing environments. Learn how to use Agile proposal development and get a demonstration of a free tool.

Presented by Neal Levene, Director of Proposal Management, Siemens Government Technologies

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APMP U.S. Bid & Proposal Industry Benchmark Report

Presented October 2019
Attendees will learn how the APMP U.S. Bid & Proposal Industry Benchmark Report can help them improve their own practices and lead to higher rates of success. The presenters will offer data from the Executive Summary (available free to APMP members) as well as the full report (available to members at a substantial discount).

Presented by Ginny Carson, Director, Business Development Resource Center Life Cycle Engineering and Rick Harris, CEO, APMP

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The Art of Designing a Winning Price

Presented January 2017
Imagine you are confident about your best value technical proposal and you’ve put enormous resources into crafting it. You impatiently wait to find out if you won. But you lose. Was price a deciding factor? Pricing strategy is not just about taking the cost and slapping a profit on the numbers. It is an art. In today's environment of lean budgets and strong competition, price is more a factor now than ever before – even if the bid is a best value.

Presented by Marsha Lindquist, President, Granite Leadership Strategies, Inc.

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Assessing Probability, Risk and Cost in Responses to U.S. Federal RFPs

Presented September 2016
In this session, presenters discuss Federal RFP structures, best practices for review and response, and the findings of a qualitative survey of Federal procurement documents.

Presented by Fergal McGovern, Chief Executive Officer, VisibleThread; and Phil Nesbitt, Director of Proposal Development, Artel LLC

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Awesome PowerPoint Tricks for Effective Presentations

Presented October 2016
PowerPoint is the basis for much of the training material you use, and yet it’s text-heavy, dull, and boring. See how you can revolutionize your presentations and other training material using visuals, diagrams, and animated sequences, with some helpful how-to guides, and a collection of awesome PowerPoint tricks, plus a free PowerPoint toolkit to kick start your efforts for everyone that attends. Steps to take: 1. Attend this session. 2. Become a PowerPoint Legend.

Presented by Richard Goring, Director, BrightCarbon

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Basics of Bid Protests and Debriefings in U.S. Government Contracts: Getting a Win From a Loss

Presented September 2018
Attendees will learn the basics of government contract bid protests as well as how to get the most out of debriefings–meetings with the government about why you lost the contract and how you can provide a better proposal in the future.

Presented by Christoph Mlinarchik, JD, CFCM, PMP;

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Building a High Performing Team - APMP's European Leadership Forum Webinar

Presented March 2019
James Cadman and Phoebe Chapman explain how they created the high-performing central bids team at AECOM, the world’s largest engineering consultancy. Known as the Bid Studio, they are now a 22 person-strong team covering the West Midlands, Southern England and Northern Ireland. They manage and add value to some of the firm’s highest-value pursuits. James and Phoebe will describe how they successfully recruited people with a range of skills and how they are promoting a culture of continuous improvement and learning that is also benefiting the wider business.

Presented by James Cadman and Phoebe Chapman, AECOM

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Connecting the Business Development Lifecycle through the Lens of PMBOK & Lean Principles

Presented November 2017
In helpful ways, PMBOK links the proposal management arenas with project management. W. Edwards Deming’s Plan-Do-Check-Act (P-D-C-A) cycle is demonstrated to be relevant to conducting business development functions, along with the value creation process associated with lean principles. Connecting proposal professionals and project management professionals contributes to an organization’s capacity to win business in the federal and business marketspaces.

Presented by Dr. Robert S. Frey, APMP Fellow, Successful Proposal Strategies, LLC

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A Contracting Officer’s Perspective on Proposals

Presented December 2015
Understanding the potential impact of the CO’s point of view will make you a better proposal writer. In this presentation a former CO describes some of the factors to consider from the CO’s perspective when writing a proposal.

Presented by Kevin Jans, President, Skyway Acquisition Solutions, LLC

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Double Your Win Rate: Put H2H in B2B

Presented April 2019
The world of formal RFP responses has devolved into a focus on the thing –the product or service. Through the application of neuroeconomics (cognitive psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics), we can restore the human to human connection and produce a doubling of competitive win rate. Understanding the way human brains actually make buying decision, allows us to remember that a good proposal is more than the mechanics of compliance, rather it is the artistic sculpting of compelling narratives.

Presented by Jeff Goldfinger, CF APMP; President; Xtra Mile Training & Development

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Elevating Your Position in the Industry

Presented April 2017
RFP and proposal teams often suffer from an image issue. Individual team members can tell co-workers in other departments don’t understand the role they play nor the significant revenue-driving activities in which they participate. Attend this webinar to hear from APMP and take away 3-5 practical things that you can do to elevate your position within your organization as well as the industry.

Presented by Christina Lewellen, MBA, CF APMP, VP, Business Development & Operations, APMP

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Eliminate Burnout: Rediscover Your Purpose!

Presented May 2019
We can’t add value to others when we’re burned out. That’s why it is vital that we are fully aware of reaching this stage. When we feel burned out, or worn down, or feel an exhaustion that tells us we can’t continue, we tend to lose our purpose. When we lose our purpose, we often lose our passion, and this sends us deeper down this path. By readjusting our time management and rediscovering our true purpose, we can not only reverse burnout, but actually keep it from reoccurring, while adding enjoyment and a new-found quality to our work.

Presented by Jay Foreman, President, 2nd Story Communications

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European Region Leadership Forum

Presented January 2019
The first in a bi-monthly series of webinars focused on issues and topics relevant to APMP members in a leadership role in bid and proposal management. The webinar discussed Certification and in particular, the new format for the APMP Practitioner level launched in January 2019.

Presented by Rick Harris, CEO and Tony Round, Business Development Director - Europe, APMP

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The Fastest Proposal Editing in the West: Four Keys to Quality Control

Presented August 2019
RFX requests seem to come in faster, and with shorter deadlines, every day. Even if we pull together fantastic content in short order, we undermine our efforts if we rush it out the door before we've thoroughly checked for typos, inconsistencies, and errors. This webinar will teach a four-step process for fast proposal editing.

Presented by Samantha Enslen, CF APMP, Dragonfly Editorial

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Five Best Practices that Can Transform your Success as a Proposal Professional

Presented February 2020
During 2018, BD-Institute conducted a series of studies with several APMP chapters to gage the state-of-the-art for 15 proposal best practices. This webinar will highlight findings on five of these practices that can help proposal professionals take a much more proactive approach to managing their proposal processes and be far more successful as proposal professionals. These practices imply organizational imperatives, resource strategies, and performance indicators – altogether a roadmap to more successful proposals and better control along the way. The presentation will also show how these practices can form a powerful set of metrics to support best-in-class proposal operations. Webinar attendees should take away peer data and strategies for the five practices highlighted during the presentation, as well as findings from the overall study to better enable their use of state-of-the-art proposal practices.

Presented by Howard Nutt, Executive Director, Business Development Institute International

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The Future of Proposal Creation Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Presented April 2018
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic, from cars and transportation to banking and financing but how is it impacting the future of proposal development? In this webinar, we will review the current hurdles you are facing when writing proposals, and the role of AI in addressing the hurdles, both today and in the future.

Presented by Pierre-Olivier Charlebois, CEO and Founder at reDock; Amlan Gupta, Vice President Operations, reDock

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An Hour of Play: Inspiring Creativity in Consulting Teams

Presented October 2017
This session is a discussion on creativity and how it can be stimulated through office games and play. It provides key concepts on why play (incorporated successfully with work tasks) is a reliable, accessible, and low-cost way to engage people and make them more imaginative and productive. This does not mean goofing off – the word “play” refers to making business planning and operations more humorous and incorporating Legos, dice, doodling, competition, storytelling, role play, and other play tools and resources. The goal is to make proposal professionals and their teams more effective and influential.

Presented by Michele Rochon, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

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How the Best Win

Presented November 2018
Research shows a direct correlation between improving proposal capabilities and improving win rates. Learn the specific areas that make the difference between highly successful teams and only average teams.

Presented by Jon Williams, CPP APMP Fellow; Managing Director; Strategic Proposals

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How to Create Market and Competitive Analyses that are Greater than the Sum of their Parts

Presented June 2015
Best practices suggest that companies gather relevant intelligence through research and relationships. The challenge exists in extracting and analyzing both types of data and engaging the capture and proposal teams to review the information in order to agree upon the best proposal themes and win strategies. Attendees will learn the importance of making a commitment to analyzing market and competitive data in BD activities and strategies to engage colleagues in combining two types of information.

Presented by Ginny Carson, CF APMP; Manager, Business Development Resource Center; Life Cycle Engineering

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How to Win Federal Contracts: Debunking Myths of the Proposal Evaluation Process

Part one of a two-part series

Presented January 2016
To win federal contracts, it’s critical to understand the government evaluation process and not be fooled by misconceptions. This presentation offers several "myth-busters” to help you avoid the most common mistakes in proposal and capture strategy.

Presented by Christoph Mlinarchik, JD, CFCM; Owner; Christoph LLC

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How to Win Federal Contracts: Debunking Myths of the Proposal Evaluation Process

Part two of a two-part series

Presented February 2016
To win federal contracts, it’s critical to understand the government evaluation process and not be fooled by misconceptions. This presentation will address what to do after a proposal has been submitted and the evaluation is complete, including how to prepare for debriefs, whether to protest, and details about the process.

Presented by Christoph Mlinarchik, JD, CFCM; Owner; Christoph LLC

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Identifying and Eliminating RFP Ambiguities

Presented March 2017
This session will explain ways to identify and eliminate ambiguities in the RFP process. We'll walk through the questions to ask the contracting officer and whether certain ambiguities are worth protesting once the process is complete.

Presented by Christopher Shiplett, Founder, Randolph Law

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Improve the Readability of Your Proposals in Four Easy Steps

Presented August 2016
In this session, you'll learn why readability is critical to getting your message across. You’ll learn how to measure the readability of your proposals using a variety of tools. Then, you'll learn four easy ways to significantly improve readability.

Presented by Samantha Enslen, President, Dragonfly Editorial

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Improving Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) Ratings

Presented October 2015
Every organization is impacted by how customers rate and document performance. Gain a new perspective of how the Federal government does uses CPARS to assess performance and how your organization can improve CPARS ratings.

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Lawyer-Proof Value Props: 12% More Wins and 92% Fewer Headaches

Presented July 2016
This webinar shows you how to craft powerful, persuasive value props that’ll make Legal smile. Join this fun discussion of memorable, simple, and useful methods of winning more and doing it more profitably with lawyer-proof value props.

Presented by Chris Sant, Esq., President, Christopher Sant Consulting

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Leading a Successful Multi-generational Proposal Team

Presented July 2015
These days, most of us work in teams that span several generations. This presentation addresses the implications of common generational stereotypes, and talks about recent research suggesting we aren’t really as different as we might seem.

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Making it Count: the Effective Executive Summary

Presented June 2016
An effective Executive Summary is one of the most important parts of your proposal. This presentation provides an introduction into the best practices for creating effective proposal Executive Summaries.

Presented by Dick Eassom, CF APMP Fellow, Vice President, Corporate Support, SM&A

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Making the Move From Employee to Consultant

Presented October 2019
If you’ve ever considered making the move from a full-time employee to the world of independent proposal consulting, this webinar will cover the preparation one needs to consider before making the leap. From finding work, marketing yourself, and establishing credibility to deciding on a company structure, selecting your tax status, and determining your salary and benefits, this session will discuss the pros and cons you need to consider. If you’ve ever contemplated making the move from a full-time employee to the world of independent proposal consulting, this webinar will cover the numerous considerations and preparation you need to consider before making the leap.

Presented by Melissa Cothran, Principal, Cothran Consulting, LLC

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Maximum Influence: How to Get it and How to Use it

Presented January 2020
Proposal development is a team sport and we’re the captain. Our role requires that we teach, coach, and inspire the rest of the team in order to have the best outcome. Our ability to effectively persuade, motivate, and influence others who do not report to us can be the difference between winning and losing. Loosely based on the book “Maximum Influence” by Kurt Mortensen and my own experiences, attendees will learn the laws of persuasion and how to apply them to proposal work.

Presented by Robin Davis, CEO, Metre

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Metrics That Actually Mean Something

Presented December 2018
You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Learn how tracking and delivering meaningful metrics to the right audience at the right time can influence key stakeholders, drive change, shift mindsets, enhance knowledge, build consensus, and more.

Presented by Erin Andersen; Director, Strategic Proposals and Design; BGRS
BJ Lownie, CPP APMP Fellow; Managing Director, Principal Consultant; Strategic Proposals
Howard Nutt, CF APMP Fellow; Executive Director; Business Development Institute International

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Mind-Blowing PowerPoint. No, Really!

Presented July 2017
This is a highly practical session in which we’ll work together on creating half a dozen amazing slides that work effectively, and look at how to use those skills on many other slides when you’re developing your own presentations. And, because it’s all live in a single session, you can see just how quick it is to create compelling visual presentation content – so there’s no excuse for bullet point slides!

Presented by Richard Goring, Director, BrightCarbon

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Mysterious Case of the Self-Locking Excel RFP

Presented June 2017
HELP! Sometimes when I am answering an Excel RFP, a cell suddenly becomes locked, making it impossible to edit it afterward. What causes this?” Having an Excel RFP suddenly lock answer cells is exasperating to say the least. But there is a way to spot it and avoid the trap.

Presented by Melissa Mabon, President and CEO, Expedience Software

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No Money, No Design Skills, No Problem

Presented October 2018
Making winning graphics with limited resources is more important than ever as our audience changes and page counts go down. Learn how to decide which graphics to use and when to build them or buy them.

Presented by Mike Parkinson, CPP APMP Fellow; Principal; 24 Hour Company

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"OMG” Proposals: Literally, "Totes Amazeballs" – Strategies for Adapting Future Bid Submissions

Presented May 2015
With changes in communication methods, including email and the use of social media, there is evidence that technology can enhance and decrease literacy. Writers and Evaluators increasingly use communication methods which require more focus on the precision of responses to maximise scoring in the minimum word count.

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Organize Your Home Work Day with Time Blocking

Presented March 2020
When you work from home, you have complete control of your work environment... Yes, it can be a blessing as there are less frequent disruptions from co-workers. Being physically located at home enables you to find a better balance between career goals and family life but how do you manage expectations . Beyond all the tools, lies your ability to manage your time. Time Blocking - is a productivity “hack” that can help massively in making the most of your workday. Finding the right path for maximizing your time (instead of managing your time) will, of course, take a little experimentation. But with each adjustment, you’ll have greater intentionality and will have maximized that much of your time. In essence, you’ll have more control over your life, so your life doesn’t control you. This way, you won’t look back anymore and wonder where that week of your life went.

Presented by Baskar Sundaram, CP APMP, Founder and Director, Baachu Scribble

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Practical Design Tips for Non-Designers

Presented November 2019
We are all designers in some capacity. With a basic understanding of design principles and some useful tips, you will be able to create business documents which look better, are easier to read, and easier to understand. Key Takeaways: Practical design tips you can put to use immediately An understanding of basic underlying design principles.

Presented by Bruce Farrell, Proposal Director, Plante Moran

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The Proposal Athlete: Applying Endurance Training to Proposal Preparation

Presented April 2015
A discussion of proposal planning and ideas from the world of endurance training that can help you and your proposal team perform at your best. Learn new strategies to motivate your team and increase your win rates.

Presented by Mark Wigginton, Regional Vice President, Shipley Associates

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The (Proposal) Checklist Manifesto

Presented February 2015
In his 2009 book The Checklist Manifesto, surgeon Atul Garwande explains how checklists simplify highly complex tasks—from flying airplanes to removing tumors. Our work may not be as important as brain surgery, but we can use Gawande’s methods to bring rigor and consistency to our proposal processes.

Presented by Samantha Enslen, President, Dragonfly Editorial

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Proposal Content Reuse Strategy: How to Select the Best Technology

Presented February 2018
A successful proposal content reuse and management implementation requires a well-planned, well-thought-out strategy and a technology that effectively supports this strategy. Many companies find that choosing a technology solution can be overwhelming, which often leads to inaction. However, sales teams know it’s more important than ever to take advantage of content reuse in order to save time, save money, and generate high-quality proposals. By taking a practical approach to finding such a solution, you will set yourself up for success.

Presented by Lisa Pietrangeli, Managing Partner, Executive Director of Operations and Business Development, 36Software

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A Proposal Team’s Guide to Succeeding with Generation Differences

Presented May 2017
The Woolpert proposal team includes five Baby Boomers, seven Gen Xers and nine Millennials. In this "Panel-style" webinar, we will discuss how the team succeeds with generational differences and hear advice for proposal teams struggling to integrate generations.

Presented by Amy Neace, Proposal Director, Woolpert; Courtney Resnicky, Writer/Proposal Coordinator, Woolpert; Ian Burkett, Proposal Manager, Woolpert

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Realistic Solutions to Unrealistic Schedules

Presented May 2017
As proposal professionals, we are often asked to make a winning proposal in less and less time. We set aside obvious fixes (e.g., parsing an RFP, defined roles and schedules, having the right team) and options that have proven ineffective (e.g., "canned" or boilerplate proposals). Instead, we focus on developing solutions, writing, graphics, and desktop publishing. The solutions you get work for large and small proposals—government and commercial. Attend this high-energy, interactive webinar and make winning proposals in far less time. (This webinar is intended for more experienced proposal professionals.)

Presented by Mike Parkinson, CPP APMP Fellow, Principal, 24 Hour Company

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Repurposing Content: Do More with PowerPoint

Presented June 2019
Proposal managers are tasked with creating so much content that finding the right tools can be challenging. You’d be amazed at how much you could get out of PowerPoint. In this practical, live demo-led session, we’ll explore how you can repurpose your existing content to create a wealth of tools and resources, from videos, to screen captures, PDFs, infographics, interactive reports, and microsites (converted to HTML5) as well as amazing presentations and webinars. You can create dynamic, visual content using PowerPoint, and then easily repurpose it to share across all these different channels. You’ll be amazed at what’s possible, and so will your clients.

Presented by Richard Goring, Director, BrightCarbon

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Rich Graphics with an Economy Budget

Presented February 2019
Even simple graphics can enhance a proposal response beyond even the most compelling narrative. Learn how to produce visualized content and then turn that into infographics for proposals using easy tools on a budget.

Presented by Shari Lambert; Creative Services Manager, Graphic Design; RTI International
Larissa Newman, CP APMP; Capture Manager; CDW Government
Bruce Farrell; Proposal Manager; Plante Moran
Richard Goring; Director; BrightCarbon

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Rico Clusters vs. Mind Mapping

Presented January 2019
Explore how and why to select the right tools for your practice and learn the presenters’ reasons for preferring one over the other.

Presented by Kristin Dufrene, CPP APMP Fellow; Vice President, Proposal Development; Perspecta
Steve Anderson; Managing Partner; ClientView Consulting

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Sell You First, How to Thrive in Your Bidding Career

Presented January 2018
Only 37% of APMP members surveyed in 2015 said they felt valued by their organisation. Our actionable, thoughtful, self-evaluation tool will enable “unappreciated” bid managers to transform into elite managers and reclaim their evenings and weekends.

Presented by Baskar Sundaram, Director, Baachu

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So How Does This AI Thing Work Anyway?

Presented September 2019
AI has been all the rage for years and there is no shortage of media coverage of the amazing things it can do, but how exactly does it work? Join Mark Cramer, an industry leader in Applied AI Product Management with over two decades of experience, for a discussion on the science, processes and strategies that power modern AI. Mark will demystify the “magic” of AI and leave you knowing more than most about AI and its potential to impact business.

Presented by Mark Cramer, Applied AI Product Manager, Xerox at PARC

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Strategies for Managing Remote Teams

Presented June 2018
Distributed/Remote/Virtual-no matter the term you prefer to use, the reality is that at some point managers will have a team with some or all members who work from home. While many management strategies are best practices no matter the environment, there are certain challenges that are unique to managing remote teams. In this webinar, participants will identify strategies to overcome those challenges.

Downloads: Slide Deck  |  Post-webinar Handout

Presented by Tammy Bjelland, Founder, workplaceless

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Streamlined Proposals: Best Practices for Each Step of Your RFP

Presented February 2017
This webinar will discuss how transforming just one element of the proposal operation—documentation management—ensures Sales can bring in the awards earlier than planned. The avenues for business growth are more diverse than ever. What does that mean for Sales and Bid teams? More products, more solutions, more proposal types, and burgeoning workloads. When the proposal volume outsizes the proposal staff, how do organizations ensure their proposal professionals are focusing on the right activities to win those critical deals? The short answer, continuously evaluate the process and ensure it is right-sized for the types and sizes of deals. The long answer, early planning on every deal ensures delivery of quality proposals.

Presented by Dominic Garabedian, Mimeo; Dawn Apple, Joseph Villa, and Kristen Sweder, Motorola Solutions

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That Was a Proposal Kick-off Meeting - Are You Kidding Me?

Presented March 2018
Poor proposal kick-off meetings are a common problem. Teams waste time working furiously on a proposal with very limited guidance, technical baselines that are still fluctuating, incomplete solutions, and responsibility overlap. This webinar will offer key goals for achieving great kick-off meetings.

Presented by Steve Hennessy, President, Hennessy Defense LLC

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Three Reasons Your Proposal Processes are Failing: How to Add Value and Finally Get Respect

Presented August 2015
Proposal teams often feel that the company does not value them or see them as more than administrative help. Some teams try to prove their value by implementing processes that create hurdles. Other teams implement drastic changes to fix perceptions. This presentation will show you how to prove your team’s worth in constructive ways that can build new perceptions.

Presented by Melissa Cothran, CF APMP; Director of Proposal Development; Optimetra, Inc.

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Tips To Communicate Real Value Propositions

Presented March 2019
Most customers are only focused on WII-FM – what’s in it for me. To truly give your customer something to chew on that brings value to them, do you provide them with evidence and provable outcomes? So many customers are focused primarily on price. What is important is to differentiate you and the value you bring with this thing called evidence. When you demonstrate how you can save them money, add true value they care about, and why your proof of the value you bring is important to them, only then can you set yourself apart from your competition.

Presented by Marsha Lindquist, President, Granite Leadership Strategies, Inc.
Mark Wigginton, Regional Vice President, Shipley Associates

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Transforming Proposal Feedback into Continuous Improvement

Presented December 2017
Our organization struggled for years to develop a meaningful Post-Mortem process. We realized that collecting post-submission data could – and should – serve more of a purpose than having a process for process’ sake. Our department does not have direct contact with customers; we receive post-award feedback via written proposal evaluations or account team debriefs. As a standalone, these comments highlight proposal strengths and weaknesses but not the variables that possibly caused those results. We also sought internal feedback – from ourselves, SMEs, and account and company leadership. We turned the process positive – re-naming it Lessons Learned – made survey participation easy, held post-survey discussions, developed action plans, and followed through. With this feedback, we have now connected the dots – putting reasons behind the results –and integrated it as a critical variable into our capture process and all proposal functions.

Presented by Jody Alves, Senior Proposal Writing Specialist, International Game Technology (IGT); Sarah Lamberti, Senior Manager, Bid Management, IGT; Nicole Wilson, Senior Manager, IGT

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Understanding and Communicating the Science of Good Page Design

Presented September 2017
When it comes to page design, everyone (and their brother) has an opinion. But strong page design is not just a matter of taste—there are best practices. In this webinar, we will walk through the key elements of strong page design along with a discussion on why each of them is essential. Perhaps more important, we will discuss how we can communicate these principles to subject matter experts and other stakeholders.

Presented by Bruce Farrell, Proposal Manager, Plante Moran

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Understanding and Communicating the Science of Presentation Design

Presented July 2018
Have you ever wondered why best practice presentation design IS best practice? Tune in to learn about how the brain works, what that means in terms of presentation design, and how you can use this information to develop more impactful presentations.

Presented by Bruce Farrell, Proposal Manager, Plante Moran

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The Value of Being Nice

How being good can enhance your work and home life

Presented November 2016
When you were a child, your parents probably told you to be nice. As it turns out, they were pretty smart because being good to others has a wide range of tangible benefits that can affect your life at work and home. Using his Ignite Talk from Bid & Proposal Con Boston as a jumping off point, Bruce will discuss benefits of being nice and how a friendly attitude can make a difference in your office and home life.

Presented by Bruce Farrell, Proposal and Presentation Specialist, Plante Moran

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Where Content is King – Best Practices for Keeping Your Proposal Content Current

Presented December 2016
In this session, the presenter will share best practices on creating and maintaining proposal content that’s accurate, up-to-date, and easy to access when preparing RFP responses. By optimizing content that is used on a repeatable basis, proposal writers can become more efficient in responding to standard RFP questions, allowing more time for SMEs to focus on more complex, business-winning responses. Then we will share real-world applications of these best practices and the positive outcomes commercial companies have achieved as a result.

Presented by Tammy Dungan, Manager Implementation and Training, Proposal Software

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Women in Business Development: Establishing Your Presence

Presented September 2015
This webinar will look at the establishment of women’s resource groups under a business development (BD) lens and provide tips for creating and sustaining internal groups, as well as tips for participating in already-established women’s resource groups and organizations.

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Women in Industry: Challenges and Milestones for Capture, Business Development, and Proposal Management Professionals

Presented November 2015
This presentation served as a forum of discussion between APMP members sharing real-life experiences about the challenges and milestones of women in capture, BD and proposal management.

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Working Virtually Through Disruption

Presented March 2020
If you've never worked from home, or you're managing people remotely for the first time, gain some insight into things to expect and ways to fully utilize your "new" workday.

Presented by Tim Snell, CPP APMP; APMP Deputy Chief Examiner

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A World of Difference: Differentiate Yourself from Competitors to Double Your Profit Margin

Presented August 2017
Research shows that real differentiation results in twice the profit margin. Join us for a discussion of six easy ways to find and deploy differentiators that the client will love. By the end of this talk, you’ll know how to ensure the client chooses you… and does it on your terms.

Presented by Chris Sant, Esq., President, Christopher Sant Consulting

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