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APMP Continuing Professional Development
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APMP Certification Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a vital part of the APMP Certification Program, and we want to show you how to earn and track Continuing Education Units (CEUs). CEUs are important because they:

  • Represent commitment to CPD.
  • Track credits for educational achievements.
  • Are periodically audited by the APMP Chief Examiner. The Chief Examiner checks about 60 percent of each APMP-accredited member’s CEUs in each audit cycle.


APMP CEU Requirements


APMP certified members must earn the following CEUs every 2 years to maintain APMP Certification:

Certification Level Number of CEUs Required Every 2 Years
Foundation 20
Practitioner 40
Professional 40

CEU compliance may only be reviewed after the second anniversary of a member's current Certification level. The two-year period begins on your Certification date, the date an individual passes a given Certification level, and ends on the second anniversary of the Certification date.

APMP members are responsible for tracking their own CEUs and may be periodically audited by a representative from the APM Group Ltd., the organization that administers the APMP Certification program.

How to Earn CEUs


Home based learning = 5 CEUs

Subjects studied should be relevant to a proposals environment, meet a specified purpose, and use knowledgeable resources.

  • Private study, structured reading on particular themes or topics.
  • Use of audio, video, distance learning or multi-media resources


  • Summarize in less than 350 words: the reason for study, key learning point, a summary of the number of hours spent, and reference materials used.

Training = up to 10 CEUs


  • Training, workshops, seminars, or courses by external (commercial or educational organizations) or
  • (Internal company training) resources, attended that relate to any aspect of the Business Development Process.


  • Summarize in less than 350 words: a description of the key learning points

  • Training Approved by APMP
    (minimum 4 Hours, may include multiple short courses)
  • Training Approved by the APMP (1 day)
  • Training Approved by the APMP (2 days or more)
  • e-learning (minimum of 4 hours) approved by the APMP
    (determined during assessment)
  • Training not approved by the APMP
    (minimum of 4 hours, may include multiple short courses)
  • e-learning, not approved by APMP (minimum of 4 hours)
5 CEUs

8 CEUs
10 CEUs
Up to 10 CEUs

3 CEUs

3 CEUs

10 CEUs
Preparation of Materials* = up to 20 CEUs

Articles - Published Articles that relate to any aspect of Business Development


  • Journals or newsletters for a professional organization
    (i.e., the APMP Journal, Perspective and APMP chapter newsletters)


  • Provide a copy of the published article and details regarding where and when the article was published
3 CEUs

Website Material and Blog Moderation


  • Contributions to professional organizations, commercial companies and non-profit organization web site material and articles
  • Moderating professional blogs for a continuous period in excess of 3 months. A professional blog is defined as a blog relating to business development.


  • Provide a copy of the published website article or details of length of time acting as a moderator to a professional blog.
5 CEUs

Presentations at Conferences


  • Presentation at a professional organization, commercial company or not for profit organization’s conference, symposia, seminar, meeting, lecture, or workshop.


  • Provide a copy of the presentation and details of where and when the presentation was made.

Published Books that are publicly available for topics related to Business Development



  • Provide details of the book name, publisher and date of publication.
20 CEUs

Revisions to previously Published Books


  • Provide details of the revisions made, and the date the revisions were published.
10 CEUs

Event Attendance*


  • Full-day (or more) conference, symposia, seminar, meeting conducted by a professional organization or commercial/not for profit organization
10 CEUs
  • Less than a full-day conference, symposia, seminar, meeting conducted by a professional organization or commercial/not for profit organization
5 CEUs
  • Local APMP Chapter, or other Business Development professional body meeting


  • Maintain a record card signed by a board member or chapter leader, as evidence of attendance.

5 CEUs

Serve the Profession as a Volunteer for a full year (pro rata)


  • International APMP Board Member

20 CEUs
  • Local Chapter APMP Board Member
15 CEUs
  • Volunteer to APMP Task Force or special committee


  • Maintain a record signed by the local or main board CEO.

15 CEUs

* Individuals who attend a full event and are speakers at that event qualify to claim Event Attendance and Preparation of Materials CEUs.


How to Track, Log Your CEUs


The APMP website has a feature which allows members to track CEUs online, on their APMP member profile.

1. Login to
2. Select Manage Profile on the right-hand side of the screen under My Profile.
3. Select Certifications under the Content & Features heading.
4. Click Add Entry under the Journal Entries heading.
5. Log how many CEUs you earned and the date of issue.

Click here to download a document that answers the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the APMP Certification Program.

Email Support

For questions not covered by the Frequently Asked Questions, or if you require additional information or support, please contact the APMP membership.