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2011 Conference Presenters & Abstracts
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22nd Annual APMP® International Conference & Exhibits 
Sheraton Downtown, Denver, Colorado
31 May - 3 June 2011

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Presentations are listed alphabetically by presentation.

A Strategic Approach to Asking RFP Questions

Jeff Leitner, General Dynamics IT

We tend to give our customers precious little credit for their ability to write a coherent RFP. Combine this attitude with a shotgun approach to submitting questions on the RFP and you can seriously undermine your company’s win probability. A strategic approach to developing and articulating appropriate RFP questions can help you win—but only if you follow clear guidelines. In this presentation we'll look at the proper strategic goals in asking questions on the RFP, how to make the question vs. assumption tradeoff, how to vet and select appropriate questions to ask, and proper techniques for framing the question to maximize the chances of getting the answers you want.

Jeff Leitner lost a bet early in his career and as a result has been working in proposals for most of the past 20+ years. He has worked as an independent proposal consultant, for a proposal consulting firm, and as a proposal department lead, across a broad spectrum of public sector competitive procurements. He has had the good fortune to learn from a wide array of proposal professionals and has dedicated himself to proving the heretical philosophy that you can be a successful proposal leader without having to cart your ego around in a wheelbarrow. He is currently Vice President of Proposals for GDIT’s Army Solutions Division.

App Maven’s Secret Arsenal: Tools & Apps to Achieve Victory

Beth Wingate, Lohfeld Consulting Group, Inc.

Proposal masters deploy many stratagems to develop winning proposals. Leverage App Maven’s targeted time and effort-reducing PC tools, iPad apps—and tricks—to develop proposals more efficiently and effectively (and reduce your battle stress!). This real-time demo builds on Beth’s 2010 APMP presentations with more cost-effective PC and iPad tools, apps, and reliable tips—and advice on applying them strategically to increase your winning proposal capabilities. Many tools are inexpensive/free and useful for one-person to large proposal organizations—commercial and government. Real-time Q&A and audience participation. "Arm” yourself with a checklist of software you can use every day to reduce the time it takes to do your job—along with hints from proposal masters. Refine your proposal development and management capabilities using these tools and deploy them to increase your advantage on the proposal battlefield!

Beth Wingate, aka "App Maven,” APMP Fellow, and member since 1996, is APMP’s 2010–2011 Director of Education. Beth was 2008–2009 APMP-NCA President and selected as APMP’s 2008 Chapter Chair of the Year. Managing Director at Lohfeld Consulting Group, Beth has 23 years’ experience managing, writing, illustrating, and producing winning proposals. She managed proposal development (pre-RFP—post-submission) for MSD and Lockheed Martin. She managed a proposal center and trained/mentored proposal and BD staff in industry best practices. Beth presented at APMP’s 2008, 2009, and 2010 Intl. Conferences; APMP-NCA’s 2008 Proposal Basics Boot Camp; and 2010 APMP-NCA Annual Conference, APMP Pacific Northwest Fall Symposium, APMP Nor’easters Fall Symposium, and APMP Georgia Chattahoochee/Carolina/Florida Sunshine chapters SPAC Conference. Beth wrote and teaches proposal development classes through Lohfeld Consulting Group and FedSources. She regularly writes for APMP’s Journal and Perspective.

Arming for a New Proposal Battlefield: The Art of Proposals in a Paperless World

Mitch Boretz, Bourns College of Engineering at the University of California, Riverside

Solicitations, Q&A, proposal submission, and proposal review are migrating away from paper and toward a paperless environment. How will this affect the way we compete? With video, sound, simulations, and hyperlinks in the arsenal, proposal managers will not be able to compete with old-fashioned print on paper for much longer. In 2010, APMP established the Electronic Proposal Task Force to look ahead and establish the future rules of engagement. This panel discussion will present preliminary results and recommendations, lay out next steps, and welcome your comments.

Mitch Boretz, F.APMP, is leader of the APMP Electronic Proposal Task Force. He directs proposal operations for the Bourns College of Engineering at the University of California, Riverside, where nearly all of the 300+ proposals per year are submitted electronically. He has presented twice before at APMP conferences and co-authored two APMP Journal articles.

Ruth Turman, AM.APMP, PAHM, is a Senior IT Support Analyst and Proposal Coordinator for Companion Data Services, LLC. In addition to holding APMP Foundation Level certification, she holds a certificate in Project Management from Furman University and is accredited as a Professional of the Academy of Healthcare Management. She has been a member of APMP for five years, served as a volunteer at the 2010 Annual Conference and might be best remembered as the woman walking around Orlando with a blue recycling bin on her head.

Art of Proposal: Enduring Planning Essentials

Tom Harmon, The Boeing Company

Master Sun said, "In war, the general receives his commands from the sovereign.” It’s late Friday afternoon and the Lead Executive hands you the RFP for a proposal due in 35 days. As Proposal Manager, you have unconstrained support from sincere, hardworking, customer-knowledgeable, expert key staff with little proposal experience. You have until Monday to lay out the resource requirements, master plan and schedule. What core values will you rely on to proceed?

  1. To the extent possible, the job ahead must be thoroughly anticipated and clearly assigned to responsible job functions.
  2. Outcome based teamwork has to be carefully but flexibly organized, emphasizing proactive supervision by decisive managers employing processes to ensure first time right execution.
  3. Ownership is mandatory. Each owner has a clear job description, explicit authority, responsibility, and accountability.
  4. A stressful, discordant proposal effort is evidence of basic problems owners must resolve in real time.

Tom Harmon is a senior Capture and Proposal generalist employed by The Boeing Company at a strategic campaign resource center supporting competitive activities for Northern Virginia teams. His proposal center earned formal ISO9002 certification in 2001, a singular achievement maintained to this day. From 1981-1996, Mr. Harmon learned proposal management at EG&G, Inc. while supporting major acquisition programs for Naval Sea Systems Command. His business acquisition experience includes contract start-up & transition, federal proposal evaluation support, regional business development and consulting. He served on US Navy warships and submarines from 1972 to 1981. Mr. Harmon participated on the APMP-NCA Board from 2002 to 2006; presented at Roundtables and appeared on panels. He earned Foundation credentials in 2010 and is pursuing full APMP certification.

Asymmetric Warfare: The Unknown Enemy

Sarah Wiseman, Shipley Limited

What happens when you bid into an environment where you don’t know the enemy? Bidding in the Middle East is confusing for many Western organizations who try to wage war and lose. Why? Bidding in the Middle East has some interesting rules of its own:

  • Gathering Intelligence—understanding the local market, who is the decision maker, are ‘agents’ involved, are there any family connections to be aware of, will ‘incentives’ be needed for agents or others in the decision making process?
  • Making a Decision—culturally it is hard to say no or perhaps the business is unable to say no for family reasons.
  • The RFP—often of dire quality, competitors make the mistake of thinking that the procurement team don’t know what they’re doing or not enough competitors.
  • International Bid Teams—culture clashes, local situations – prayer times, dress codes etc.
  • Post Submission—haggling and the souq, talking value and not price. Local case studies and examples will demonstrate these issues.

Sarah Wiseman has spent 5 years living and working in the UAE. She joined Shipley Limited in 2008 as a trainer and consultant. Since then she has delivered in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and India. Driven by a desire to introduce best practice to the region, Sarah has succeeded in achieving APMP Professional accreditation and now aspires to set up the Gulf Regional Chapter. Previously Sarah worked for Olive Group in Dubai as their Business Development Operations Director. This role involved managing a centralized unit which was responsible for EMEA proposals, CRM and graphics. Sarah wrote the’ Corporate Guide to Proposal Management’ which was implemented globally. In the UK, Sarah worked for QinetiQ as a Bid Manager and Bid Coach. This role involved troubleshooting bids across the organization. Highlights included working on the Defence Training Review proposal and the Bepi Columbo space mission to Mercury. Sarah holds a BSc Hons degree and is an accredited Project Manager.

Attacking an Incumbent: Combat Behind Enemy Lines

Bob (Robert) Reynolds, Spectrum Management Associates

Sun Tzu said: "When a chieftain if fighting in his own territory… fight not!” The process of winning a competition against an entrenched incumbent can be difficult and frustrating. An incumbent has many inherent advantages during contract recompetes, but they are often unaware of their weaknesses that can be effectively used against them. This presentation chronicles some of the surprising tactics and strategies used to dislodge a 20-year incumbent contractor from a Government Owned Contractor Operated (GOCO) life sciences research facility. It includes strategic planning, intelligence gathering, infiltrating the enemy's organization, the use of spies, and political intrigue.

Bob Reynolds has worked in business development and proposal roles for 35 years, primarily in the environmental, health sciences, and construction industries and the Federal government sector. After 20+ years of working for large and small aerospace, consulting, and environmental remediation companies, he became an independent consultant in 1997 providing BD and proposal services to help firms win government contracts. As of 2010, he has maintained 75% win and capture rates and helped his clients win $6B+ in contracts. This is the first time Reynolds has made an APMP presentation.

Beyond "It’s Strategic”: Effective Qualification

Jon Williams, Strategic Proposals

The key principles of qualification are widely understood. Yet too many proposal teams waste time responding to RFPs that should never be chased, thanks to qualification processes that lack teeth. The justification that "it’s strategic” often masks the lack of any more robust justification for the "bid” decision. At the same time, qualification becomes a battle ground—sales staff viewing proposal colleagues as a barrier, rather than as partners in spotting the right deals on which to invest scarce resources. This lively session will share practical advice to help participants to improve their bid decisions, based on the presenter's extensive experience of implementing successful qualification processes. It will also draw on recent international research into "go”/"no go” decisions, conducted in late 2010. Blending well-proven tools with practical advice, the session will equip attendees to assess and improve their organizations’ effectiveness in this critical area.

A Fellow of APMP, Jon Williams served as UKAPMP’s first Chief Executive in 2001/2. He has spoken at over twenty APMP events worldwide—including the keynote address at APMP’s inaugural African conference in 2010. Jon is recognized as one of the most entertaining and informative presenters in the profession. 2011 marks his tenth consecutive year presenting at the APMP international conference, at which he’s led several opening & closing sessions. Jon started his career in procurement—serving as a board director of PMMS, the leading purchasing consultancy. He set up and managed Compaq’s Strategic Bid Centre, increasing win rates to over 80%, before founding Strategic Proposals’ UK business in 2001. He has since worked with sales & proposal organizations in over 25 countries—helping them to benchmark and improve their processes and capture must-win deals, and delivering highly-acclaimed training courses. Jon is the co-author of ‘The Proposal Guys’, the popular blog."

Building a Global Proposal Management Strategy with the Right Resources, Tactics and Tools

Jamie Ninneman, SAP America

In global companies, proposal management organizations in different locations can be quite different, employing different processes and practices to various degrees of success. The global mission of a unified proposal management strategy is to, of course, "win.” Achieving this mission on a global scale, however, requires not only knowledge of the uniqueness and individuality of the local "terrain,” but also requires proper alignment of resources and employment of the right tactics and tools by local teams to help ensure success on all fronts. This presentation demonstrates how a global proposal management strategy is executed successfully in an environment where the most energy and resources are channeled into key wins, while smaller victories are pursued with alternative tools and methods. At the core of our global strategy are our key capabilities: people, technology, and innovation. There are different ways in which these key capabilities can be deployed. This presentation will also demonstrate how different deployment options are used in different situations to help execute a global strategy.

Jamie Ninneman is the Global Director of Proposal Management for SAP, a global provider of enterprise software and services. His organization is responsible for driving a strategic focus on Proposal Management as a global shared service, including implementing a global standard model and creating supporting tools and infrastructure. Prior to joining SAP, he was in charge of Implementation and Support for a mid market ERP provider. Jamie is a resident of the Philadelphia, PA area and a Graduate of Rutgers University, NJ.

Create a SharePoint War Room to Manage Your Proposals

Joan Muschamp and David Shaw, Portal Solutions

SharePoint is ubiquitous in today’s professional work environment. Avoid spending time and resources on other applications by extending the value of a tool you already own. Create a virtual "War Room” for your proposals. Proposal managers are reporting success using this tool. This presentation will give important tips and advice and ensure you "Win the War”:

  • Learn to deliver effective, consistent results in proposal management using SharePoint
  • Keep the entire organization aware of BD and Proposal efforts
  • Prevent duplication of efforts across teams
  • Assign, delegate and monitor status of proposal activities
  • Plan for external collaborators
  • Secure your most valuable content: Appropriate levels of security
  • Support your process with standardized design
  • Avoid the pitfalls of poor document management Improve findability of proposal artifacts

Portal Solutions will present a demonstration with clear advice that will benefit any proposal professional.

David Shaw is a Senior Managing Director at Portal Solutions, with 12 years of IT development and management experience. David has been a Portal Solutions team member since 2005. Including his participation in the MOSS Beta testing program, he has three years of experience architecting business solutions on MOSS/WSS and two additional years of experience implementing solutions on SharePoint 2001/2003. Prior to joining Portal Solutions, David was Director of IT at OCM, where he acquired extensive experience translating business objectives into functional information systems. Some of his responsibilities include: Serving as a resident expert in achieving information worker efficiency and translating business requirements into collaborative systems; full life cycle project management; engagement management and project oversight for collaboration projects; and management of Portal Solutions maintenance.

Joan Muschamp is Portal Solutions’ Director of Marketing, where she is responsible for the overall marketing strategy and activities. Her extensive background includes hands-on marketing and business development experience in the SharePoint market. She has also held the dual role of Proposal Manager for a government contractor, and learned firsthand the benefits of online collaboration and information organization on the SharePoint platform to streamline proposal processes. She notes that "The ability for proposal teams to have findable information relevant to a specific proposal vastly improves productivity. Being able to collaborate on an "anytime-anywhere” basis allows proposal teams to have the best available people working on a response, without feeling constrained. Using SharePoint technology well helps leverage the continuing trend toward social networks in delivering quality proposal efforts more easily.

Federal Contracting Legislative and Regulatory Update

Neal Couture, CPCM, Executive Director, NCMA

This presentation will address a variety of changes to key laws and regulations that impact how companies do business with the United States Government. Examples include rules for Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI), Personal Conflicts of Interest (PCI), and interagency contracting (i.e. GWACs, GSA Schedules). The current risk environment and a forecast for near term policy shifts will be reviewed.

Neal Couture is Executive Director of the National Contract Management Association (NCMA). Founded in 1959, NCMA is the premiere professional association promoting the profession of contract management in both the private and public business sectors, with members from more than 2,000 corporations and all US Federal agencies. Since joining NCMA in 1999, Neal has served as Education Programs Manager, Director of Professional Development, and Director of Marketing and Membership. Prior to NCMA, Neal spent 20 years in contract management, including positions as Contracts Manager with SENTEL Corporation, a small minority-owned engineering firm; Director of Contracts and Procurement with EG&G, Inc., a Fortune 500 company; Procurement Manager with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a NASA center; Business Manager with two manufacturing small businesses; and Contracting Officer in the USAF. Neal holds a Bachelors Degree in Management from the University of New Hampshire, and completed graduate studies in Applied Behavioral Science at the Johns Hopkins University. He is a Certified Professional Contracts Manager.

From Gate Review to War Council: Strategic Advance

Brooke Crouter, Lohfeld Consulting Group

A war council is held to decide on a course of action when matters of great importance must be decided, consensus must be reached, or when a leader is unsure of his position. In capture and proposal efforts, teams battle to gain insight into opportunities. Gate reviews should be treated as war councils that examine critical decisions and build information from one review to the next to develop a complete picture of the opportunity. Many teams do not achieve this level of discussion, nor do they thoroughly examine what they do and don’t know, where and how to gather needed information, and how to advance their strategic goals. Teams fail to engage senior management in key discussions that could change the game. This session explores how to build compelling gate reviews, when to hold them, and how to generate strategic discussions. It explores material that should be presented and discusses how to build that material through capture so the team can determine its proposal readiness.

Brooke Crouter, a Principal Consultant at Lohfeld Consulting Group, is experienced in program management and strategic leadership. She has supported competitive bids, capture strategy, offer definition, and proposal development. In addition to proposal management, she supports Lohfeld’s process and infrastructure improvement efforts, including crafting roadmaps to assist corporate clients improve capture and proposal processes and tools, tailoring them to each corporate culture; developing capture instructional materials; and creating and leading capture and proposal classes. During 15 years at Booz Allen Hamilton, she managed large program teams, helped establish a competitive framework, and provided thought leadership in past-performance, designing a firm-wide past-performance database and central CPAR management process. She has a BA (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), an MS (Naval Postgraduate School), and a certificate in Strategic Studies (Naval War College).

Getting the Win by Breaking the Rules

Kathryn Schwarm and Dani Garcia, Rackspace Hosting, Inc.

Rather than submitting a no bid or playing by the rules on a low probability win; why not change the game entirely? This risky strategy suggests that in order to make your company standout with a customer, throw out the response guidelines and provide a document that will address their needs in new and creative ways. This strategy includes:

  • Changing the Playing Field—by creating a new playing field, you are providing the customer with options they might not have considered and putting your competition at the disadvantage by not knowing the game.
  • More Flexibility—RFP guidelines can confine a proposal manager to strategies that might not work for every response. Use the experience of the proposal manager and team to develop responses that standout by allowing them to creativity tell the story that resonates for the customer.
  • A True Partner—Showing the customer that you are consultative in nature and a trusted adviser that will work with them to address long term needs.

Kathryn Schwarm currently works as a Proposal Manager for Rackspace Hosting, Inc. For the past seven years, she has led RFP response development for industries in both the government and commercial sector ranging from IT, Engineering, Logistics, and Project Management. She received her MS in Organizational Leadership from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, TX and is currently pursuing her PhD in Leadership Studies.

Dani Garcia currently works as a second year Proposal Manager for Rackspace Hosting, Inc. In the previous 10 years, she has worked as a Technical Writer in the both the financial and educational testing industries, developing procedural, software requirements, and instructional documentation and graphic design. She received her MA in Technical Communications and Business from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, TX and her BA in English Language and Literature from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX.

Ghosts or Hobgoblins?

Wendy Frieman, Lohfeld Consulting

Sun Ze said, "You may advance and be absolutely irresistible, if you make for the enemy's weak points.” In the proposal world, this means ghosting. Ghosting is an advanced proposal technique that we can use to influence buying decisions if we know our own strategy and have accurate information about the market, customer, and competition. This session explores when to use (and when not to use) this technique and provides the information and knowledge needed to use it effectively. The session explores the steps you need to follow throughout the business development lifecycle to use ghosting in your proposal, and it emphasizes the type of competitor intelligence that supports ghosting—and how to get that intelligence. It includes sample proposal text you can use as templates for developing ghosting in your proposals.

Wendy Frieman joined Lohfeld Consulting as Principal Consultant in July 2010 after senior-level proposal positions at Level 3 Communications, Horne Engineering, and CSC. She has spoken at each of the past four APMP international conferences and has written for local and national APMP publications. Ms. Frieman is accredited at the Professional level and she was the recipient of APMP's Insight Award in 2010.

Government/Industry Task Force Panel Presentation: The Art of Winning

Moderators: David Sotolongo and Kristin Dufrene

Bidding to the Federal government can seem a lot like trying to win a war. You need a strong strategy to position your troops for victory, a well-built tactical approach to successfully execute your strategy, strong prior performance in similar battles, and of course lessons learned so that you perform better during the next encounter with your client. Sound intimidating? Well it doesn’t have to be! Join the Government/Industry Task Force for an entertaining panel discussion centered around three primary areas:

  1. Strategy—including capture planning,
  2. Attack—developing a winning proposal, including past performance, and
  3. Lessons Learned—conducting debriefings and when to consider protest.

The panel discussion will be divided into equal parts government and industry, with the federal participants setting the stage of what is expected at each phase of the acquisition process and our industry panelists engaging in how they best go about bidding to those expectations.

David Sotolongo is a Brigadier General at RTI International, where his civilian title is Vice President of the Proposal Development Office. He oversees troops who manage about 1,600 proposal skirmishes each year. These outstanding officers and infantry personnel coordinate capture efforts, develop technical and business proposals, research and write past performance sections, and conduct and analyze debriefings on wins and losses. David is also an APMP Fellow and founding member of the Carolina APMP chapter and has presented at APMP international and regional conferences since his days as Private First Class in the RTI corps.

Kristin Dufrene is a Commander at CACI, where she serves as Executive Director for Business Sustainment. Winning the battle to receive a contract is just part of the war on sustaining revenue. She is chartered with protecting the company’s territory in defensive wars against aggressive opponents. Kristin has been an active member of the Government-Industry Acquisition Task Force for the past five years, and has presented at numerous APMP International and NCA conferences over the past 20 years.

Dan Fulmer has 31 years of government acquisition experience, buying spares, research & development, sub-systems and major systems for both the Defense Logistics Agency as well as the Air Force over that time. Since 1995 Dan has been instrumental in developing and updating several iterations of the Air Force source selection procedures. He is currently the Chief of the Source Selection Branch within the Acquisition Center of Excellence at the Aeronautical Systems Center (ASC) at Wright-Patterson AFB. In this capacity he leads a multi-disciplined team that facilitates the development of acquisition strategies and solicitations for all competitive acquisition category (ACAT) programs within the myriad Program Executive Officer (PEO) portfolios for aircraft, trainers, sensors, and their support acquired at ASC. Then, after RFP release, Dan’s team provides training and advice to the evaluation teams as they execute the source selection process. This is Mr. Fulmer’s eleventh consecutive year participating as either a presenter or panel member at the conference.

Alan Goldberg is the Source Selection Office Director of the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR). He has been in the engineering and acquisition fields with NAVAIR since January 1977, coming to the Source Selection Office in 1991 and becoming the Director in 2000. He is a graduate of the Senior Executive Management Development Program and is a member of the Acquisition Professional Community with DAWIA Level III certification in (1) Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering, (2) Program Management, and (3) Manufacturing, Production, and QA. Through Mr. Goldberg's efforts in the area of competitive procurements he has earned several accolades, including APMP’s Fellows Award, Department of Navy Meritorious Civilian Service, Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Civilian Service, and the Department of Navy Competition and Procurement Excellence Award for Outstanding Promotion of Innovation Individual Award Category.

Mike Summers joined Organizational Communications Inc. (OCI) in the fall of 2010 as VP of Sales, Southeast Region to head up their first office in Orlando, Florida. OCI, with headquarters in Reston, Va, has been providing proposal services to clients for more than 25 years. Prior to joining OCI, he was Senior Proposal Manager with SAIC for more than 3 years and spent 27 years with Lockheed Martin, the last 8 as Manager of Proposal Operations in Orlando. He has served in leadership positions in new business capture for the past 16 years with a specialty in proposal management and business capture processes. Prior to pursuing proposal management as a career, he served in a variety of technical and management positions in the area of large-scale computer center management.

Intelligence Preparation of the Market Space

Richard A. Caldwell, CIP-1, Northrop Grumman

"If I always appear prepared, it is because before entering on an undertaking, I have meditated for long and foreseen what may occur”, Napoleon Bonaparte, 1831. Winning a competitive bid starts early. It starts with capture planning by identifying opportunities, assessing the market place, the competition and developing strategies resulting in a capture plan. However, what is the basis for the assessment? Intelligence preparation of the marketplace (IPM) is a process for understating the marketspace in the right context and the resulting behaviors of the competitive field. Competitive intelligence is fundamental to winning a bid, but the real advantage to using CI effectively is to learn how to use it to shape competitor’s behavior. Together IPM with Boyd’s OODA loop will keep you inside your competitor’s decision cycle.

Richard Caldwell is a certified Senior Competitive Analyst with Northrop Grumman, Information Systems Sector. He is responsible for conducting competitive analysis on chief competitors, building customer profiles on key customers and performing collection at major symposiums. A 23-year Air Force veteran he has been in the defense industry since 2002 doing everything from systems engineering to business development. He has lead corporate-level captures, been the volume lead on major proposals and lead a successful campaign winning a multitude of IDIQ contracts. A Colorado native, he is the co-chair of Colorado’s Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) and the co-chair of the APMP Colorado chapter.

Just Say No: APMP Cost Analysis Task Force Panel Discussion

Quentin Redman, Raytheon (Moderator)

Have you ever been in these situations? The customer asked your company to bid even when you both knew there was no chance you could win. Or, your company bids when their win probability is low and then puts together an ugly proposal. Just say "No” and build better relationships with your customers. This government/industry panel discussion centers on when to say "No” to bidding. The government needs and encourages competition. However, with today’s environment of shrinking resources and limited funds, industry needs to take a hard look at where to spend their bid and proposal monies. Government needs to understand what drives Industry to make a bid or no-bid decision. Industry should identify opportunities and engage in capture activities early, fully review the costs and risks, and follow their best practices for bid/no-bid decisions. Management needs to acknowledge the bid/no-bid.

Quentin Redman is Technical Director/Sr. Engineer Fellow of Whole Life Engineering in the Systems Development Center for Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems in El Segundo, California. He is responsible for developing and providing cost information to support program managers, engineers, and IPD teams in making sound business, programmatic, and design decisions and for establishing cost as a key parameter in the design process through the evaluation of economic impacts associated with various concepts and alternatives. This includes design to cost, life cycle cost, risk analysis, and cost as independent variable. Currently Chair of the APMP Task Force.

Monica Smith is Source Selection Process Owner in the NAVAIR Cost Department (AIR-4.2). Since 2004, Monica led the Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) cost team through Milestone B, and served on the BAMS Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB). Since 1984, worked for The Boeing Company and PRICE Systems, LLC, as cost volume manager for proposals ranging from $100M to over $2B, and executive consultant to both government and industry clients for cost analysis. She holds an MS in MIS from George Washington University, Washington, DC, and is a member of the APMP Cost Analysis Task Force.

Jean Goolsby is the Proposals and Publications Manager for ITT Geospatial Systems. When the position was first created four years ago, Jean led the effort to customize a proposal process to work with ITT internal processes. Jean and her team of proposal managers, publications and production specialists manage and publish proposals and external communications including white papers and customer presentations. Prior to this position, Jean held technical leadership roles at Eastman Kodak Company and ITT. These roles include IPT (Integrated Product Team) lead for satellite payloads, Color Scanning Systems Laboratory Head and Commercialization Manager for Large Format Thermal Printers.

Dan Galorath has been involved with engineering, estimating and analysis for 40 years. Under his leadership Galorath Incorporated, the developed SEER® cost, schedule, risk applications, methods, and training for software, hardware, electronics & systems, information technology, and manufacturing. He was awarded the 2009 Society of Cost Estimation and Analysis (SCEA) Lifetime Achievement award for contributions to the industry; and the 2001 ISPA Freiman Award, lifetime achievement award. His book "Software Sizing, Estimation, and Risk Management” was published March 2006. Dan is a member of the APMP Cost Analysis Task Force.

Bruce Morton is Director of Business Development and Sr. Capture Manager for ManTech International. Prior positions include Sr. Manager, Capture Excellence, Lockheed Martin, Principal Consultant, Lohfeld Consulting; VP, Capture Management, CACI; Director, Corporate Capture Management, Titan; Business Development and Strategic Planning positions, Lockheed Martin; and Spacecraft System Design Engineer, GE Aerospace. For APMP, he presented 2010 "The Art of A Successful Win Strategy” and participated on Customer Task Force and Cost Task Force panels, chaired 2009 panel "Successful Capture Strategy: The Art of Winning” and participated on Customer Task Force and Cost Task Force panels; chaired 2008 panel "Pricing to Win: The Art of Pricing” and participated on Customer Task Force and Cost Task Force panels; presented 2007 "Keys to Successful Capture Management”, and chaired 2004 Capture Management Panel.

Knowledge Management in the BD Lifecycle

Gillian Dionne, General Dynamics IT

Information gathered and generated throughout the lifecycle of an opportunity can be used to assist in bid/no bid decisions, analysis of competitors, proposal development, and selection of past performance. Knowledge management applies best practices to capturing and reusing this "metadata.” For BD/proposals, the sources of information are internal (opportunity pipeline, proposal documents, financial/contract records) and external (FOIA, PPIRS, government procurement sites). This presentation discusses how the various data elements available fit into a BD lifecycle and how knowledge management techniques can tame the information overload.

Gillian manages company-wide proposal and business development knowledge management tools and directs task order proposal management at General Dynamics Information Technology. She is APMP Certified at the Foundation level and has presented at several National APMP Conferences and chapter events.

Life's a Pitch: Applying Military Theory to Bid Management

Dr. Peter Brennan, Bid Management Services

The presentation is based on the seminal work "On War" by the Prussian Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831) with a view to assessing if his advices and modus operandi are relevant to the modern day business of submitting compelling bid documents. Despite the lapse of time, von Clausewitz’s observations about the application of military theory and by extension how these views apply to bid managers are insightful. His views on bid strategy, tactics, communications, on personal attributes and leadership, on reference sites and on winning are as valid now as they were 200 hundred years ago. If alive today von Clausewitz would be a fellow of the APMP.

Peter spoke at the APMP conference in Florida in June 2010. He was the keynote speaker at the Irish Forum on Public Procurement Annual Conference in 2010 and is a regular speaker and blogger on public procurement. He brings 40 years of experience in both the public and private sectors, at both national and international levels. In recent years Peter has carried out projects for Government Departments, the Irish Parliament, State Agencies, Local Authorities, the European Commission and a wide variety of private sector clients. As well as being Chairman of Bid Management Services, Peter is the current President of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

Maneuvering Proposals on the Commercial Battlefield

Robin Davis, Robin Davis Consulting (Moderator)

Is your role in the overall sales process limited to just responding to RFPs? Are your typical proposal deadlines 1–3 weeks? Is your process better defined in 10 steps instead of 96? Do you seek camaraderie with other APMP members that navigate the same terrain? Then we want you to join us. A small army of proposal professionals in the healthcare industry joined forces to create the Healthcare Industry Task Force with the goal of improving the relevancy of APMP to members outside of the Federal government procurement process. We have mapped out our common experiences, identified best practices, and defined a common proposal process that fits the way in which we do business. In this panel discussion, members of the task force will share the findings of the group and discuss future direction. We also suspect that our findings are not unique to the healthcare industry. Therefore, regardless of your industry, if you can relate to the description in the first paragraph, we invite you to join us for a session of sharing and discovery.

Lesa Camarri has 23 years’ experience in the health insurance industry supporting sales and marketing efforts, specializing in strategic proposal development for the last 15 years. Starting her career in proposal development as a "one person shop” 15 years ago, Lesa has built the proposal team and processes at her company from the ground up. The team now includes 7 specialists focused on strategic proposal development and 3 specialists focused on content management. A member of APMP for the last 10 years, Lesa has also participated on panel presentations at previous APMP international conferences.

Robin Davis (panel facilitator) is an APMP-accredited proposal and sales operations consultant with over 20 years’ experience is sales. For more than 10 years, she has focused on proposal development and leadership specializing in process design and implementation, strategy development, and proposal project leadership. She has successfully led more than 730 proposal projects resulting in more than $600M in revenue. Robin earned Pragmatech’s Leadership Award for Excellence in Sales Support in 2004, has been an APMP member for nine years, and has presented at previous APMP international and SPAC conferences.

Lisa Duplessie worked in the health insurance industry for 20 years with 13 years of sales, proposal, and management experience. She is also one of the charter members of the Pacific Northwest APMP chapter. She is APMP-accredited and originally began this task force to seek to align with other health insurance professionals for finding best practices and more resources within APMP. After July of this year she turned the task force leadership over to Robin Davis and began working in the government systems division of a company that supplies infrared & other camera technologies to US and foreign entities. Lisa continues to be involved in the task force providing perspective contrasting her old and new experiences.

Barbara Esmedina has more than 30 years experience working with proposals. For twenty years, Barbara worked in the defense and aerospace industries for companies such as Science Applications International Corporation and BF Goodrich Aerospace managing projects and bids worth more than $12B. For the past 10 years, she has worked in the health insurance industry setting up RFP departments and building automated tools and databases to respond to RFPs, as well as conducting surveys and performing competitive intelligence activities. Barbara has been a member of APMP for five years and is a member of the Lone Star APMP Chapter. Barbara created and administered the initial information harvesting surveys for the task force.

Sheri Gabor has nearly 15 years of experience working in the healthcare industry. She started in the Human Resources field administering and managing the benefits administration programs for both small and large size corporations. She transitioned to a healthcare consultant firm soliciting and analyzing bids from healthcare carriers and vendors. For the past four years she has been the "one person shop” proposal team at Delta Dental of Colorado developing and implementing proposal best practice structure, and policy and procedures, and automated tools from the ground up. She has been an integral part of the consistent 3% organic growth year over year for the last three years. She recently received her Executive MBA from Colorado State University and is currently pursuing her Project Management Certification.

Donna Manning has more than 17 years experience in commercial and public sector proposal development. She currently manages the proposal development department for ValueOptions, Inc., a managed behavioral health organization. Under her direction, this department produces more than 100 commercial and public sector proposal projects annually, as well as supports the company’s strategic initiatives. She has been a member of APMP for more than 2 years. Donna has a degree in education and more than 30 years of public and private management, marketing, and development experience.

Master Virtual Proposal Management and Become Your Organization’s Extraordinary Force

Neil Evans, MorganFranklin Corporation

"In battle, use the normal force to engage; use the extraordinary to win,” Sun Tzu. A proposal without all contributors in the same room, working together from kick-off to delivery, is a virtual proposal. During my career I can count on one hand the non-virtual proposals I have managed. Mastering virtual proposal management is a surefire way of making the proposal process work better for your team. Here I present solutions that solve challenges related to managing proposals in dispersed, fast-moving environments:

  • SharePoint Libraries, Lists, Metadata, Searches & Pipelines: Enable quick access to repeatedly used content via well built libraries and lists, and enable contributions from BD, operations, and management
  • Management & Collaboration Tools: Template-based proposal management sites; virtual meeting workspaces; status calls
  • Training available 24x7 using Snag-It and SharePoint

Do you want to continue applying the normal force and settling for engaging in the same old battle? Or would you rather use the extraordinary force and win? Attend this presentation!

Neil Evans bring 10 years of proposal management experience, winning proposals from short turn-around task orders to large federal, state & local IDIQs and full & open procurements, in organizations of all sizes and maturity levels. Neil has developed virtual proposal tools and refined best of breed virtual proposal team management tools, tips and best practices as a proposal manager for MorganFranklin Corporation, Optimal Solutions and Technologies (OST), Inc., SRA International, Constella Group, Anteon Corporation, and GovConnect, Inc, and has developed and submitted hundreds of proposals using SharePoint and other tools while running virtual proposal teams. Neil has managed winning proposals across multiple customers, including a wide range of DoD agencies and components, the Intelligence Community, and civilian agencies including DHS, DOE, DOI, DOJ, DOL, Education, FAA, GSA, HHS, HUD, NSF, DOT, Department of State, Treasury, and VA, and various state governments. Neil is APMP-certified.

Navigating Proposal Landmines Offensively

JoAnna Howell, Elbit Systems of America

This presentation will identify threats to a winning proposal from the pursuit/capture phase throughout the proposal development lifecycle, and discuss altering the proposal process to mitigate those threats. I will give examples, or "landmines” that happen in most proposal scenarios and suggest ideas for how to navigate around those threats before you encounter them. My goal is to stress preparation and "offensive” strategies rather than discuss defensive, or recovery strategies.

JoAnna Howell is currently a Proposal Manager for Elbit Systems of America in Fort Worth, Texas. She recently relocated to Fort Worth from Fort Hood, where she served as the Proposal Team Manager for McLane Advanced Technologies. Her professional experience includes managing individual proposals for DOD, State, and Commercial customers, valued within the hundreds of millions, to managing entire proposal operational centers for large companies. In 2009, JoAnna received her APMP Foundation Level Certification and is currently pursuing her Practitioner-Level. In 2010, she was selected as a back-up presenter for the Annual APMP Conference in Orlando, FL. JoAnna received her MBA in Leadership and Management, in an effort to build upon her undergraduate degrees in English and History. As a proposal professional JoAnna has immersed herself in the art of proposal development. She is dedicated to improving proposal processes and efficiency through technology and adherence to the best practices acknowledged and supported by the Association of Proposal Management Professionals worldwide.

OODA Loops: The Art of Decision Making

David Dickerson, CACI International, Inc.

John Boyd’s OODA loop concept, built in part on Sun Tzu’s principles, are a proven tool to increase success in competitive environments from war to business. However, implementing OODA loops is not as simple as memorizing the acronym or speeding your decision making and magically starting to win more. In this program, you will learn about the concepts underlying OODA loops and the pieces of the puzzle that are required to implement it in a capture effort. You will find out how teams use OODA loops to gain competitive advantage. And you will be able to determine the resources you need and what you must do to use this powerful tool to improve performance—and raise the win rate.

David Dickerson is a Vice-President of Capture Management at CACI International, Inc. He is responsible for establishing and executing the competitive strategies required to win and retain strategic business opportunities. David is frequently used as an internal consultant to bring creative solutions to some of the company’s most challenging captures ranging from counter-IED programs to BRAC, business systems to C4ISR integration and cyber initiatives. He is also a co-founder and Program Manager for an innovative leadership program to teach capture skills to CACI managers which incorporates OODA principles. David has over 15 years of experience as a consultant, program manager and capture manager in the federal sector. He is a member of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) and Industry Advisory Council (IAC) and a graduate of the ACT/IAC Voyager Class of 2005. 

Presenting to Win: The Art and Science of Persuasive Orals

Ron Ralston and Dr Tom Barrett, TightRope Communications

"Simply put…they are the best oral presentation coaches on the planet,” recent feedback from a Tier One Defense Contractor. The art and science of persuasion is critical in winning new business in this economic climate. In the last nine years TightRope Communications has accumulated a win/loss ratio of 84% when it comes to coaching teams with an oral/demo/Q&A requirement translating into over 33 billion dollars in wins for our clients. We have coached teams with one presenter to 73 presenters...from a 15 minute presentation to 40 hours (5 days) in length. You will learn TightRope’s 353 Orals Process and how to more effectively capture an audience, tell an effective story, organize and deliver your content, and develop an effective communication style. You will learn to equip individuals and teams to reconsider: What they say, how they say it and what their audience hears and sees when they say it.

Dr. Tom Barrett holds two Masters Degrees and a PhD in Psychology, has been active on Capitol hill for over 25 years. He has spent over 15,000 hours working one-on-one with Senate and Congressional men and women. He has spoken on Capitol Hill, the United Nations, NASA and the CIA. He is the author of several books and is faculty and facilitator for a Tier One Defense Contractor at their Leadership Institute.

Ron L Ralston, founder of TightRope, BS and a Masters in Philosophy. He has traveled and lectured on over 200 university campuses in the US, Europe and Asia. He has coached and trained professionals in commuication skills over the last 25 years. TightRope Communications client list includes, The White House, Capitol Hill, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, CACI, IBM, Deloitte, CIA, BAE Systems, NASA, etc.

Proposal Consultants: Helping to Deliver the Winning Blow—or Not

Amy Jackson, Press on Proposal Consulting, LLC

This presentation is directed to proposal consultants and companies who hire them. Ms. Jackson will present:

  1. Ramping up—how to hire qualified consultants who will strengthen your arsenal;
  2. Choose your battles—what consultants should look for before enlisting;
  3. Boot camp—how consultants should prepare for battle;
  4. Readiness—arming your consultants with the right weapons;
  5. Earning your stripes—how consultants can be good officers and soldiers;
  6. Dishonorable discharge—releasing a consultant in the midst of the war;
  7. Victory and defeat—lessons learned from consultants and companies who hire them.

As part of the presentation, Ms. Jackson will deliver the results of an independent survey of consultants and those in charge of hiring them.

Amy Jackson, owner of Press on Proposal Consulting, LLC, is an accredited member of APMP and active in the Georgia Chattahoochee Chapter. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Southern Polytechnic State University. Her background encompasses over 15 years of sales and proposal experience with federal and commercial proposals in the areas of IT/health IT, satellite communications, telephony, imaging, public works, and military base operations services. She provides winning government and commercial proposal solutions for companies throughout the US and has helped her clients win more than $3B in new business.

Rapid Team Development

BJ Lownie, Strategic Proposals LLC

"Let’s do that again!” That’s what high performing teams that achieve great results and enjoy working together say after working on a proposal effort. Developing a high-impact, high-quality proposal, and doing so in an efficient manner, requires those involved to perform as a team. Performing as a team requires those involved to understand each other’s abilities and personalities and to be able to communicate effectively. In this highly interactive session, participants will be introduced a variety of concepts and proven techniques and tips that when applied will result in a team being more productive, achieving greater results and having more fun. This session will be presented by BJ Lownie, PPF.APMP, Director of Strategic Proposals LLC, and is intended for anyone working on proposals, from those just starting out to those who have many years experience.

BJ Lownie, PPF.APMP, is the Founder and Managing Director of Strategic Proposals LLC. He is a founding member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP), is accredited at the Professional level, is an elected APMP Fellow and is the co-author of the popular proposal blog "The Proposal Guys” ( He is a recognized thought-leader on proposals and has an extensive depth and breadth of experience within the proposal arena. He has worked on 100s of proposals, and had more than 5000 participants attend his workshops, seminars and presentations. BJ is truly, as it says on his business card and website, "Passionate about Proposals”.

Risk and Response

Brenda Crist, Lohfeld Consulting Group

If you read between the lines of Sun Tzu’s classic The Art of War, you will find much of the book is dedicated to risk identification and mitigation. Sun Tzu explains "Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand.” This session will present a model for rapidly forecasting risk and assessing your risk exposure. To facilitate the assessment of a bid’s risk exposure, attendees will receive risk symptom checklists. They can use the checklists to detect the early warning signs risks are approaching or test their overall risk awareness. The session will also present case studies explaining how you can rebound from risks including limited information about the client or competition, tight schedules, moving deadlines, scarce resources, and delusional colleagues.

Brenda Crist has 25 years of experience providing capture, proposal, and program management support for information technology companies serving the Federal market. She is currently the Managing Director, Strategic Solutions at the Lohfeld Consulting Group. Prior to becoming a full-time proposal professional, Ms. Crist served as a Group Manager for OAO Corporation and Project Manager for Harris Corporation. She has provided system, application, and network management solutions for civilian and military clients. She is the President of the APMP National Capital Area Chapter and was a speaker at the APMP National Conferences in 2009 and 2010. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from American University and is ITIL and PPM.APMP certified.


Tony Birch, Shipley Ltd

Storyboarding. Very few people understand what it is, but everybody in the ‘proposals world’ has heard the term. This interactive workshop will clarify the purpose of storyboarding, as well as show you how it will save you time and make the final review of your proposal easier. It will cover the range of storyboarding approaches available to you and provide you with tools that allow you to use the process effectively, as soon as you go back to your office. Storyboarding is not just for those big proposals. It is a technique that allows all of us to be in control of the content of our proposals, whether they are less than 100 or over 5,000 pages. This workshop will show how those in an SME environment how they can meet the APMP Accreditation program competencies of ‘Storyboard Development’ and ‘Storyboard Review’ to pass their Practitioner level Accreditation.

Tony Birch is the founder and Managing Director of Shipley Limited, in the UK. Elected a Fellow in 2006, Tony served on the main board of the APMP for 4 years. He currently serves on the board of the BDII (Business Development Institute, International).A fully accredited Proposal Professional, under the APMP Accreditation Programme, Tony’s background is in Sales in the Defence & IT Sectors. Since founding Shipley, Tony has trained over 10,000 sales and bid professionals around the world.Tony works with companies across sectors as diverse as Automotive, Construction, Defence, Finance, Information Management, Insurance, IT Services and Telecoms. 

Strategic Initiatives: An Opportunity to Enlist

Bobbie Obrien, PAR Government/Rome Research Corp

Join us for a panel discussion providing an overview of the task forces. Members attending will see how we are bringing together individuals from all aspects of our world who are working toward learning the terrain for better collaboration and understanding with all of our counterparts as well as overcoming challenges that we all face. The history and current emphasis of each task force will be discussed and how they continue to improve relationships and understanding through participation of industry and government; working toward better insight into each other’s roles and goals. We are in the trenches everyday; getting involved not only ensures we continue to broaden our horizons by sharing many viewpoints but will also continue to improve best practices. Find out how your participation can be of great value to helping overcome the daily battles.

Bobbie O’Brien, AF.APMP is currently Director of Corporate Services at PAR Government/Rome Research Corporation, where she has been a member of the Business Development team since 1993. She participated as both a panel member and presenter at last year’s conference in Orlando and was also the plenary session presenter at the 2010 Nor’easters Fall Symposium. Accredited at the Foundation level, Bobbie was honored as a member of the 2010 Fellows Class and also was presented with the Nor’easters Chapter President’s Award for outstanding contributions to the Chapter. Bobbie is presently serving as the Director of Strategic Initiatives on the APMP Int’l Board of Directors having previously served from 2008-2009 as the Northeast and Canada Regional Director. She also was one of the founding members of the NY Metro Chapter and served as chairperson from July 2008 through December 2009 and co-chair from January 2007 through June 2008.

David Sotolongo is a Brigadier General at RTI International, where his civilian title is Vice President of the Proposal Development Office. He oversees troops who manage about 1,600 proposal skirmishes each year. These outstanding officers and infantry personnel coordinate capture efforts, develop technical and business proposals, research and write past performance sections, and conduct and analyze debriefings on wins and losses. David is also an APMP Fellow and founding member of the Carolina APMP chapter and has presented at APMP international and regional conferences since his days as Private First Class in the RTI corps.

Quentin Redman is technical director/Sr. Engineer Fellow of Whole Life Engineering in the Systems Development Center for Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems in El Segundo, California. He is responsible for developing and providing cost information to support program managers, engineers, and IPD teams in making sound business, programmatic, and design decisions and for establishing cost as a key parameter in the design process through the evaluation of economic impacts associated with various concepts and alternatives. This includes design to cost, life cycle cost, risk analysis, and cost as independent variable. Currently Chair of the APMP Task Force.

Robin Davis is an APMP-accredited proposal and sales operations consultant with over 20 years’ experience is sales. For more than 10 years, she has focused on proposal development and leadership specializing in process design and implementation, strategy development, and proposal project leadership. She has successfully led more than 730 proposal projects resulting in more than $600M in revenue. Robin earned Pragmatech’s Leadership Award for Excellence in Sales Support in 2004, has been an APMP member for nine years, and has presented at previous APMP international and SPAC conferences.

Mitch Boretz, F.APMP, is leader of the APMP Electronic Proposal Task Force. He directs proposal operations for the Bourns College of Engineering at the University of California, Riverside, where nearly all of the 300+ proposals per year are submitted electronically. He has presented twice before at APMP conferences and co-authored two APMP Journal articles.

Jessica Morgenstern is a Business Development Account Manager with Northrop Grumman,. She started her career working for the Government as a software engineer developing acquisition programs, and subsequently over 22 years in private industry as a senior business developer and account manager, capture manager, and proposal manager. She has led large capture and proposal efforts with an excellent win rate. She mentors junior capture and proposal managers and teaches courses in proposal and capture management. Ms. Morgenstern has been an APMP member for 10 years. She was on the International Board of Directors for five years. She was honored in 2007 with the prestigious APMP Fellows Award. She received the 2004 APMP Compatriots Award. Ms. Morgenstern has been a consistent presenter at the APMP International Annual conference. In 2010, she also presented at the Pacific Northwest Chapter Symposium. She received her Foundation Level accreditation from APMP in 2009.

Strategic Teaming: An Offensive Strategy Worth the Effort!

James Smith, CACI, International, Inc.

Partnering, teaming, subbing, vendor agreements, what are the differences and why is it important? All of the effort to negotiate teaming agreements, workshare, rates, technical input—it is exhausting! Why not just do all the work yourself? Today’s teammate might be tomorrow’s competitor. How do I protect my company’s discriminators and still share necessary information with prospective team mates on a proposal? What is the most effective way to ensure small business participation? We will examine why it is essential to include strategic teaming in your capture planning and proposal submission. We will look at how to create a team that will make a winning difference. What are the best approaches to allocating functional areas and work share? How do you organize what you need from your teammates? Can potential competitors become key teammates? What are the best ways to establish strategic technology partnerships that transcend more than one opportunity. These are but a few of things we will examine to provide you with an effective offensive strategy for Strategic Teaming for federal services bids.

James Smith has worked for over 30 years with firms who sell to the Federal Government and to Fortune 50 Companies; including Northrop Grumman, SAP, and currently CACI. Experience includes business development; capture, proposal and strategic account management. He has consulted to high-tech and large consulting firms in strategic account development and teaming. Mr. Smith is a member of APMP, past State President of STC, SAMA, AFCEA, AUSA, and the Association for Strategic Alliances. Mr. Smith has a BA in Economics and a MA in Organizational Communication. Mr. Smith has served as Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins Graduate Program.

The Art of the Retreat: Deciding to No Bid

Lawana Joyce Loegel, Proposal Prose LLC

Often companies expend resources preparing proposals that have little chance of winning. Using principles set forth by Sun Tzu in The Art of War, we explore the strategy of no bidding. Although capture managers and sales personnel often consider a no bid a defeat, refusal to engage is often the best response. Sun Tzu tells us "The general who … retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to … do good service for his sovereign, is the jewel of the kingdom.” Including a robust bid/no bid procedure in the business development process avoids wasting resources on proposals with low probabilities of success. In our presentation, we consider the points in the business development process at which the bid/no bid decision should be considered and, more importantly, reconsidered As Sun Tzu says, "There are some roads not to follow; some troops not to strike; some cities not to assault; and some ground which should not be contested.”

Joyce Loegel has more than 25 years of experience in managing, writing, and editing proposals, statements of work, specifications, and user documentation. Her experience ranges from managing proposals for Fortune 100 companies to being the only proposal manager/writer for a small company. Joyce has also managed state and federal proposals and has in-depth knowledge of Federal Acquisitions Regulations, Department of Energy Acquisitions Regulations, and military standards for documentation. Joyce gave a presentation on electronic procurement at last year’s conference.

The Art of the Wargame (Black Hat Review)

Patricia Brosey, Lohfeld Consulting Group, Inc.

Tu Mu, Chinese military commentator, said: "If I wish to take advantage of the enemy I must perceive not just the advantage in doing so but must first consider the ways he can harm me if I do.” A key part of waging war and offensive strategies in the proposal world is to war game in a Black Hat review where we create potential war scenarios by aligning ourselves and our allies against a set of opponents. Each team assumes the competitor mindset and prepares as if they are the competition. Each team collects intelligence and develops their battle plans and using rules created to closely simulate battle (proposal evaluation) conditions, play out the war game in front of the evaluators. Only one team is victorious. We gain valuable insight into the strategies of our competition and gather lessons learned. We explore the Black Hat process, how to define the competitive information you need upfront, develop high producing teams, optimize the teams’ products and leverage them in your proposal.

Pat Brosey has more than 20 years experience capturing, solutioning and managing new business efforts to the US Government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. She is currently the Managing Director, Technical Solutions, for the Lohfeld Consulting Group capturing and managing professional and IT service bids. She has led dozens of successful competitive Black Hat reviews using this process which led to numerous contract wins. Most recently, she has independently assessed capture activities, crafted cost strategies, supported process improvement efforts and led Lohfeld’s proposal management class. She is a speaker for the APMP National Capital Area Chapter and a member of the Roundtable Planning Committee. She is PMP and AM.APMP certified.

The Art of War (Proposals): The Proposal Battleplan

Betsy Cummings and Dan Tuden, Elbit Systems of America (ESA)

Chapter 1 of The Art of War states: "The Art of War is of vital importance to the State.” Substituting two words we have: "The Art of Proposals is of vital importance to the Business.” In capture and proposal management, we can take Chapter 1’s themes of strategy, espionage, deception, and military tactics and apply them to proposal planning. Like battlefield commanders, capture and proposal team leads ask the same question: What is my Probability of Win (Pwin) rationale? To assess this rationale, this session will emphasize the Chapter 1 tenants that need to be "taken into account when seeking to determine the conditions (assessing) the field before battle.” We will compare them to the tenants of capture and proposal planning. Using real-life capture and proposal process examples, we will learn to identify and compare the key roles in the battlefield to those of the capture/proposal team. We will also engage in stimulating proposal battle plan and strategy sessions to win prizes!

Betsy Cummings is a proposal manager at Elbit Systems of America (ESA) in Fort Worth, Texas—a leading provider of high performance products and system solutions focusing on the defense, homeland security, commercial aviation and medical instrumentation markets. She has had a ten-year career in proposal management, writing, and editing and experience in technical writing and publishing. Betsy is an APMP member and is active with the Lone Star Chapter. Betsy recently received her Foundation Level certification. In her "other life,” Betsy is a Celtic/folk musician, performing in and around Texas. She also serves on the event planning committee for Snowball Express, a non-profit organization which honors the children of our fallen military heroes.

Dan Tuden is the proposal center department manager at Elbit Systems of America in Merrimack, NH. Prior to ESA he worked for the MITRE Corporation developing and evaluating RFPs. For 25 years he was a Senior Principal Systems Engineer and SME and has held multiple proposal roles. Dan is an APMP member and active with the Nor’easters Chapter. Dan recently received his Foundation Level certification. He holds a BS and MS in Physics. Dan can often be found in NH’s White Mountains either Alpine Skiing or hiking. He’s is an active member of the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC).

The Art of Winning a Best Value Competition

Bruce Morton, ManTech International

The presentation will address the art of strategizing, bidding and winning Best Value competitions, including developing a successful Win Strategy. Best Value competitions require addition strategic steps in order to achieve a high probability of win. The presentation will address the keys to achieving a high probability of win using real life examples to demonstrate various aspects. The discussion will encompass the perspectives of large, medium, and small size businesses.

Bruce Morton is Sr. Capture Manager for ManTech International. Prior positions include Sr. Manager, Capture Excellence, Lockheed Martin, Principal Consultant, Lohfeld Consulting; VP, Capture Management, CACI; Director, Corporate Capture Management, Titan; Business Development and Strategic Planning positions, Lockheed Martin; and Spacecraft System Design Engineer, GE Aerospace. At APMP 2010 he presented "The Art of A Successful Win Strategy” and participated on two panels, chaired 2009 panel "Successful Capture Strategy: The Art of Winning” and two panels; chaired 2008 panel "Pricing to Win: The Art of Pricing” and two panels; presented 2007 "Keys to Successful Capture Management”, and chaired 2004 Capture Management Panel.

The Best Laid Battle Plans…

Marlene Slusser, Medical Transportation Management, Inc.

Every General thought he had the right plan to win the war and bring the troops home safely (and on-time)…but what happens when you’re the last to discover that your support troops are late or your missing an important message? This presentation will present War stories of the good, the bad and the really ugly in the heat of battle to get the bid submitted on-time. We will use real examples from the presenter and other selected stories to learn from our past. We will explore what can go wrong, review the battle plan and learn from others so history doesn’t repeat itself. This presentation is for everyone involved in the proposal management process.

Marlene Slusser APM. APMP has over 10 years of proposal management experience within commercial and state government healthcare markets. She currently serves as proposal manager for a leading provider of emergency medical services. She specializes in opportunity assessment, strategy development, developing customized solutions, project management, and document management. Marlene is a member of the Greater Midwest Chapter of APMP and is a strong advocate of APMP.

The Emperor’s New Clothes: Graphics that are "Prêt-a-Porter”

Mike Parkinson and Colleen Jolly, 24 Hour Company

Win the war on graphics. Make sure your graphics are dressed for success. Eliminate bad graphic choices that result in losses, bloody battles, over spending and late nights. Graphics need to be ‘clothed’ in a clear, communicative style and not the newest fads. Stop using bad clip art, fancy effects, text-heavy or complex graphics, weak visuals and images that say too little. Critique real-world graphics and see if they are ready for the runway or if you should just run away. Learn how to update your own visuals to maximize their effectiveness and ensure the message you intend is the message that is being heard. We investigate the latest best practices in information design and how they best apply to bids and proposals. We also share resources to quickly update your graphics library including free fonts, inexpensive stock photography and easy-to-update, pre-made graphics. Don’t let your graphics be dressed in pretense, make sure your material is a winner.

Mike Parkinson, AF.APMP and Colleen Jolly, PPF.APMP, are Principals at 24 Hour Company—a global professional proposal graphic and production company. They have won thousands of proposals for their clients with a combined 22+ years of experience. Both are frequent worldwide speakers and trainers, attending and presenting at many APMP events. Both have been frequently published in APMP publications including the NCA newsletter, Perspective and the Journal. Mike has also written the only book on information graphic conceptualization, "Billion Dollar Graphics.” Colleen is in charge of the APMP Journal layout and cover design, is Secretary of both the International APMP and NCA Chapter and runs 24 Hour Company’s UK expansion. Both enjoy long walks on the beach, but not together.

The Final Battle: The Proposal Presentation

Christopher Kälin, CSK Management GmbH

With the submission of your proposal, the war is not over. Very likely, you have to enter the final battle to win the deal: the proposal presentation. Your performance means victory or death. This session provides all the insights into what you have to do to prepare and run a convincing, well-structured, and easy-to-understand proposal presentation. The participants will learn the key success factors for winning proposal presentations but also how to avoid the typical traps. And you will learn why proposal presentations are not proposal presentations! The session answers the following questions:

  • What types of proposal presentations are there?
  • Who should attend the proposal presentations?
  • How should I structure my presentation?
  • How will I introduce my team?
  • How long should the presentation be?
  • What is the "right” content?
  • What tools can I use?
  • What does the customer want to see/hear? And what not?

Christopher S. Kälin is the Regional Director for APMP’s Europe/Africa region, and chairman of the German speaking APMP chapter (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). He is the founder of CSK Management, a Swiss consulting boutique for proposal management. His track record shows a profound experience with projects in Europe, Asia and South America. Chris developed the BidMaster approach to develop winning proposals. He and his team provide proposal training, and help companies to optimize their proposal processes. He also supports companies "side-by-side” to win strategic deals. Chris is also lecturer at the Zürich University of Applied Sciences. Prior to CSK, he worked with IBM, Arthur D. Little, and SONY. He holds a masters degree in business administration and IT. He speaks German, English, and French. He regularly presents at the Annual APMP conference, the UKAPMP conference, and the APMP DACH conference.

Their Uniforms are Blue, Black, Green, Pink, and Red! Are They the Enemy?

Ed Alexander, Shipley Associates

They may wear different colored uniforms, but they are on OUR side! On the Capture and Proposal battlefield, doing the right things at the right time can lead to mission accomplishment. Color Team Reviews provide unbiased viewpoints and solid recommendations on how best to proceed and win. Of course, these reviewers must be knowledgeable about the situation at hand and must be trained to ensure they contribute to victory and not impede the forward progress of the capture or proposal effort. The number and types of review teams depend on the organization and the size or importance of the effort being pursued. Done correctly, the actions of these folks who wear different colors and hats are the best way to improve your organization’s planning efforts and the resulting win on the proposal battlefield. They are not the enemy-if they are trained and deployed correctly.

Elected an APMP Fellow for his superb contributions to the art and science of proposal development and known for his expertise in Business Development processes, Ed Alexander is considered one of the industry's most knowledgeable consultants in the areas of long-term positioning, opportunity assessment, win strategy development, and capture/proposal management. As one of Shipley's preeminent leaders, Ed is a dynamic, seasoned platform professional certified to provide consulting in all of Shipley's focus areas: training, capture/proposal consulting, and process. He has taught more than 1,000 workshops and 20,000 participants in 20 countries. Ed has authored/co-authored many of the Shipley courses and personally certifies every candidate wanting to become a Shipley instructor. Ed was the first in the United States to be certified as an APMP Proposal Professional and has presented at many previous APMP conferences.

Top 10 Activities You Must do to Improve Your Chances of Winning

David Bol, Shipley Associates

During Business Development Lifecycle phases that support specific opportunities, we are often required to make critical decisions that will have a dramatic impact on our probability of winning these efforts. We often compromise resources, budget and planning activities for future opportunities because we emphasize short term projects as more demanding, more relevant, more real. We sacrifice these practices and process winning the short term battle but losing the long term war. This presentation will look at the overarching impact of winning and how it shapes a company’s business development process. Then it will look at 10 specific activities that are critical to increase your probability of winning. Often current circumstances cause events to be omitted or tailored, losing their significance to improve your chances of winning. Within each of the 10 activities, a specific solution will be offered that can immediately be taken back to your Business Development office and implemented.

As Vice President of Capture and Proposal Consulting of Shipley Associates, Mr. David Bol oversees the staffing of every business opportunity that Shipley clients pursue. Through this exposure to business development practices, trends have been spotted and documented that dramatically increase a clients probability of winning. Mr Bol will share these with you in this presentation. Mr. Bol has over 20 years as a Senior Proposal manager helping clients win over $70B of revenue. He has co authored three books for APMP that still influence winning business development practices today. He also chaired the original steering committee that shaped the foundation of the Business Development Capability Maturity Model (BD CMM). Mr. Bol is APMP accredited at the Professional level, is an APMP Fellow and co-founded the Rocky Mountain APMP Chapter. He has held every APMP Board position including being CEO in 2009. Mr. Bol has presented at numerous annual APMP conferences.

Using Best Practices to Build Your Production Battle Plan

Briana Coleman, Lohfeld Consulting Group

Contractors fight many battles during the war to win business with the Government, from capture management and solutioning to finding key personnel. You can win all of these battles but still lose the war if you do not succeed on the final task—producing and delivering the bid! This session provides sound guidance for developing your own production battle plan. We'll take you through the BD Lifecycle and discuss how to incorporate production into each phase. Using war stories from the industry’s leading editors, desktop publishers, graphic artists, and printing companies, we’ll discuss best practices. Specifically, we will define production elements (it’s more than just hitting ‘print’), discuss how to budget (time and money) for production and when to start, identify key skills of the best production staffs, and begin contingency planning. You will leave with a comprehensive production check-list handout to help you develop your own winning production battle plan for your next bid.

Briana Coleman serves as Senior Consultant for Lohfeld Consulting Group, providing proposal management and production expert to government contractors. She is an active APMP member, serving as the NCA Chapter's 2010 and 2011 Annual Conference Chairperson and Roundtable Committee Member. She frequently speaks at APMP International and local events, holding APMP Practitioner-level Accreditation. Briana is highly skilled in technical writing, copyediting, desktop publishing, proposal strategy development, and project management. Having produced nearly 500 proposals in her career, Briana is well-versed in production best practices. She has expert knowledge of Microsoft Office products (Microsoft Certified Application Specialist, Word 2007) and holds a Masters Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.

Using Customer Musts to Drive Your Campaign

Steve Hennessy, The Goyak Group

How can capture teams deal with the ambiguities the pre-Draft RFP stage and effectively drive the team to a successful win strategy? This presentation focuses on how to use a prioritized list of Customer Absolute Musts (CAMs) or Most Important Requirements (MIRs) to drive effective win strategies and strategic actions that significantly improve win probability. Customer musts are things your customer will demand of the procurement. They are the link between emotional and logical needs of the procurement. Issues like risk, past history, and fear tend to drive these requirements. Using these CAMs to drive strategic actions, customer contact plans, management implementation plans, and even technical solutions is critical to ensuring the most effective use of the time before the Draft RFP is released.

Steve Hennessy has over 28 years of experience in Capture Management, Business Development, Program Management, and System Engineering. His strong leadership style and solid technical background have helped him win over $1.5B in new business. He has extensive experience in all phases of proposals and programs and worked for Harris Corporation, GE, AirNet, and Goyak. His experience includes large government, commercial, and international programs. He has an Electrical Engineering Degree from Clarkson University with a minor in Technical Writing. Steve is a driven leader who has a passion for winning.

Waging War in Australia: The Business Case for Bidding Down Under

Nigel Dennis, Bid Write Pty Ltd

With Australia effectively escaping the GFC, and with the country's ready access and positioning with two of the world’s strongest growing economies, India and China, there has never been a better time to grow your company's market down under. But what really does it take to do business, and particularly to successfully do bids, in Australia? How do we assess the markets, gather intelligence, identify the opportunities and grow our business in a land so far away? This entertaining presentation overviews the business and bidding environment in Australia, outlines some of the projects and opportunities that exist in particular market sectors, and answers the question of why your company should at least consider the potential that Australian markets have to offer to improve your company's bottom line.

Nigel Dennis is co-owner of Australian consulting company Bid Write and has presented at two previous APMP conferences. Working in Australia for 28 years, with 17 of those years involved in tenders and proposals, Nigel has an excellent knowledge of the business and bidding environment in Australia. Nigel is now into his 3rd year serving on the APMP Australia New Zealand Chapter committee and was also appointed to the APMP International Board this year as the Regional Director Asia/Australia.

Weapons of Mass Proposals: Tools to Ignite Proposal Development

Heather Gray and Alex Napoli, CACI

According to Sun Tzu, "to win you must know your weapons.” This session helps proposal management professionals arm themselves with the right gear to respond to an annual onslaught of RFPs under rapid turnaround conditions in highly competitive environments. We identify and classify key tools that align processes and resources to manage workloads and act as a force multiplier to extend limited resources. We focus on proposal development, team management and collaboration, review and recovery, and production—not only what tools to acquire, but when to deploy them in your process and how to develop a compelling ROI story to gain executive buy-in. Our discussion includes tools developed specifically for the proposal development practice and enterprise tools implementable with specific, out-of-the-box proposal development functionality. Many of these tools are supplied by vendors regularly seen at APMP events so attendees will have the opportunity to follow-up with representatives.

Alex Napoli, AM.APMP, is a Proposal Manager for CACI’s Classified and Intelligence Proposal Operations Group and a 10-year veteran of proposal and marketing operations. He is Shipley-trained and has implemented enterprise collaboration and automation tools such as SpringCM Privia,, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, and Oracle CRM On Demand. He works closely with business development, customer delivery, IT and corporate support organizations to drive requirements for high impact, results-oriented implementations.

Heather Gray, APM.APMP, is a CACI Proposal Development Manager. She is Shipley-trained with more than eight years experience in full lifecycle proposal development. She provides expert consultation on proposal development tools and helps to assess new enterprise proposal solutions as they are implemented. She received acclaim for her 2006 and 2007 APMP International Conference presentations focusing on tools and tips to aid proposal professionals

Win (Change) or Go Home!

Brad Douglas, Shipley Associates, Inc.

During warfare or competition, a game or competition becomes a win or go home event. For some organizations, "go home” means shut the doors and close up shop. In the fast-paced world of business development, WINNING means CHANGE. Organizations or individuals who are slow or unwilling to change will "go home” a loser. This interactive session will focus on the human and organizational dynamics of CHANGE. What changes are a must in today's tight economy and global marketplace in order to win or stay alive? How should leaders manage change? Why do some proposal team members embrace change while others resist? Participants will learn the keys to securing buy-in, implementing change initiatives, and managing multiple priorities in a win or go home business development environment. The principles of the best-selling business books Who Moved My Cheese and Juggling Elements will promote discussion and interactive exploration for those attending this session. Participants will each receive a paperback book as reference material to support the discussions on change and change leadership.

As Chief Operating Officer and VP of Marketing for Shipley Associates, Mr. Brad Douglas has seen his share of change in how organizations operate, compete for contracts, and pursue business. New Federal Administrations, changing acquisition reform, an ever-changing economic maze, and organizational dysfunction have all played a major part in shaping how companies operate and compete. Mr. Douglas has a Masters Degree in Human Relations and Organizational Behavior and has helped Shipley Associates evolve since 1990. He has served as Capture Manager and Proposal Manager on several Government pursuits and is a certified coach in multiple sales methodologies. As COO and Vice President of Shipley, he chairs the company's Executive Committee and facilitates strategy and operational management. He is a self-published author and major contributor to the award-winning Shipley best practice guides, Shipley University, and the new Shipley Apps.

Winning First: Developing Actionable Intelligence

Randy Richter, Richter & Company

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win", Sun Tzu. Effective strategies and tactics are essential for crafting successful bids. Development of these plans requires more than raw information; it requires actionable intelligence: specific knowledge enabling thorough understanding of both your opponents and the likely field of battle. We will discuss the critical information you need to be successful, and describe a clear process—and optimal schedule—for ethically collecting and effectively analyzing open source information to provide news you can really use.

Randy Richter is President of Richter & Company, a Frederick, Maryland based competitive analysis and pricing strategy firm. His knowledge and experience—combined with outstanding analytical and presentation skills and an overwhelming "can do” attitude—have helped clients win more than $30B in business in the highly competitive Federal marketplace. He has been a featured speaker at Federal conferences, industry association events and technical meetings, including presentations at both the APMP International Conference and APMP National Capital Area Mid-Atlantic Proposal Conference in 2010. Mr. Richter holds a BS from Cornell University and an MS. from the State University of New York at Cortland.

Winning NASA Space Exploration Missions

Ejner Fulsang, Orbital Sciences (NASA Ames Research Center)

The Science Mission Directorate of NASA offers several classes of space mission announcements of opportunity (AOs) typically ranging from Small Explorer missions capped at $100M to New Frontiers missions capped at $650M. Missions cover a broad variety of topics, e.g. looking for proof of life on Mars, visiting the Jupiter Trojan asteroids, astrophysics, and astrobiology. These AOs are hotly contested by the various NASA Centers via written proposals. This presentation will describe the distinguishing characteristics of these opportunities and what it takes to win. Proposal managers have to be extremely quick studies to identify the key scientific issues and present them in a winnable package. The key to winning is in balancing scientific breakthrough potential with risk-managed instrumentation, spacecraft, mission design, and management/schedule/cost.

Thirty years industry experience, much of it in the defense industry in marketing and proposal development roles. Platform instructor for various science and technology topics. Briefed Congressional staffers (HASC/SASC and HAC/SAC). Wrote/published several technical papers for Defense Electronics. Consultant of the Year FY96 Oracle. Twice-published novelist, one short story, and one bombastic essay. Education: BS West Point 1974; MBA Monmouth University 1978.

Winning the Battle with Strategic Document Design

Christine Menna, Concurrent Technologies Corporation

Win themes, discriminators, and action captions are all weapons of war when waging the proposal battle. What about the overall look and layout of the pages in the documents? Are there any secret agents that can be applied? Are some page layouts more readable than others? Do graphics and other document design aspects help engage the reader and increase comprehension? All these questions will be answered in this session that will share primary research recently conducted on the subject. This two-phase research project included surveying to identify proposal-type page layouts that are more readable. The second phase of the project measured the comprehension of identical material in two different page layouts chosen as a result of the first phase of research. Results will be shared with the audience along with various document design tactics that can be employed when preparing your next proposal.

Christine Menna, Director of Business Development Operations and Knowledge Management at Concurrent Technologies Corporation, has five years experience developing proposals and more than 30 years in marketing. Her experience includes 18 years in retail/commercial real estate as Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications. She has been an adjunct professor at several universities including Penn State, Saint Francis, and Pitt campuses in Greensburg and Johnstown where she teaches such courses as Marketing Research, Marketing Management, Advertising Strategies, Sales Promotion, Public Relations Strategies and Consumer Behavior. Ms. Menna earned a BA in Journalism and a MBA with a marketing concentration. She is a member of the APMP National Capital Area Chapter and serves on the Annual Conference Planning Committee. She presented "Reusing Advertising Tactics in Your Next Proposal” at the 2010 APMP International Conference in Orlando.

Waging War: Knowledge is the Essential Weapon

Peggy Steele, Deloitte

Where the war is the pursuit of market domination; every pursuit is a critical battle. To win, one must understand the terrain (i.e. industry, socio-political environment), the opponents (i.e. competitors), and the self (i.e. internal capability). As competition continues to intensify, knowledge is the only true discriminator that positions a firm for a win. Competent proposal management capability is no longer enough; that capability is the "cost of entry.” Rather, capture management, specifically, thorough and accurate analyses of the pursuit landscape, is what will deliver wins. The cornerstone of any effective win strategy, this presentation introduces and explores some of the key analyses, including: environmental; market / industry; competitive; opportunity; and internal. Attendees will gain insights into information sources for analyses, be introduced to how to conduct key analyses step-by-step, as well as strategies for applicability and use.

Peggy Steele is with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited in a dual role of Capture and Proposal Manager, and Research Manager, for the firm’s Global Public Sector group. She has over 11 years of proven experience delivering significant growth for her firms through: large scale capture and proposal strategy development and management (up to $400M); designing and managing world-class pursuit centers; pursuit process improvement; and leading the development and delivery of thought-leadership, industry, and competitive research programs; and leading special projects targeted at growth. She also has experience as a business and IT strategy consultant, and has worked for the Government of Canada leading procurement and business planning functions. Peggy has spoken at industry conferences, such as the APMP Annual Conference in 2009, and is a regular guest lecturer/advisor for the Queen’s School of Business, Business Consulting Program.

The Market Assessment Solution: Why the Typical Competitive Analysis Sucks and How a High-Quality Market Assessment Can Fix It 

Geren Williams, CACI, Inc.

The Market Assessment is an area of Capture Management that is often conducted ineffectively; in many cases, it goes overlooked altogether. Inexperienced capture teams have a tendency to move directly into "competitive assessment/analysis” in a rush to focus intently on the "competition.” While commendable this limits the creativity and effectiveness of the overall capture effort. Among other things, it discourages the exploration of innovative teaming partnerships. Team members lock into "us-versus-them” mode based on individual experiences often completely unrelated to the procurement at hand. This practice also skews whatever competitive assessment is conducted because it presumes that team members have a perfect understanding of the competitive landscape; at the outset of a capture effort this is seldom, if ever, the case. This presentation details the importance of the Market Assessment and offers a straightforward, repeatable approach for teams to use in conducting one.

Geren Williams is a Vice-President of Capture Management for CACI, Inc. He is responsible for the successful pursuit of new and re-compete business and functions as Capture Manager for large (generally in excess of $100M), strategic, and high value opportunities. Prior to joining CACI, Geren was a senior leader in Booz Allen Hamilton’s Critical Strategic Initiatives (CSI) team. CSI brought the firm’s most experienced competitive strategists and proposal experts together to focus on the largest, most complicated, and most strategic competitive procurements. Geren has 15 years of Government industry experience in successfully capturing new and existing opportunities. He is a member of Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) and the Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) and is certified in Competitive Intelligence by the Academy of Competitive Intelligence (ACI).