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APMP Fellows Award

The APMP Fellows award is one of our association’s highest individual honors. The Fellows award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions throughout their careers in the bid and proposal industry.

The award is open to all APMP members in good-standing who have belonged to the association for five or more years.

Selected nominees are judged and are inducted into the Fellows class once a year at APMP's annual conference, Bid & Proposal Con.

Related programs include APMP Awards and the 40 Under 40.

2018 Fellow Nomination Deadline

You have until Friday March 23, 2018 at 5:00 PM, EST, USA to nominate someone to become an APMP Fellow for the 2018 Class. Nominate yourself or someone to be recognized as an APMP Fellow right now.

Suggestions for Nominating

  1. Decide on who you think is the most deserving to become an APMP Fellow. It can be you.
  2. Write your nomination form from the perspective of why you should win. Give as many examples of significant contributions as you can.
  3. Let your words, examples of your actions and your reputation do the talking.
  4. Above all else, focus on significant contributions.
  5. Keep trying. This is a very selective award. Only three people are chosen every year. If you are not selected as an APMP Fellow the first time, keep trying. It usually takes several efforts to be selected because it is such an exclusive award. Nominations tend to be more focused on significant contributions over time.

Fellows Nominating Myths

  1. The more nominations submitted for a person, the better – That’s incorrect. Multiple nominations (more than two or three) hurt a candidate’s chance because it begins to look like a campaign. One should not campaign for the award – it is earned through action.
  2. The amount of time in the industry should help me be selected as an APMP Fellow – That’s incorrect. The only amount of time that matters is if you have been a member of APMP for five or more years. Your significant contributions to the industry are judged. Not your time in the industry.
  3. I should win an APMP Fellow award the first time out – That’s incorrect. It takes most nominees multiple times to win.

Questions or Comments

Please contact Rick Harris, Executive Director at APMP at rick.harris@apmp with questions or comments.

APMP Fellows

  • Class of 2017

    Helene Courard
    Klaus Pohlmann
    Suzanne Jones
  • Class of 2016

    Joanne Gillen
    Steven A. Koger
    Jeannette K. Waldie
  • Class of 2015

    Nigel Dennis
    Lisa Pafe
    Kathryn Wyon

  • Class of 2014

    Melissa DeMaio
    Vicki Griesinger
    John Seaman
  • Class of 2013

    Chris Kaelin
    Chris Simmons
  • Class of 2012

    Robert Lohfeld
    Olessia Smotrova-Taylor
    Darvid Warley
    Ruth Turman
    • Class of 2011

      Brenda Crist
      Frances Campbell
      Robin Davis
      Kristin Dufrene
      Wendy Frieman
      Amy McGeady
      Lee Hendrickson
      Bruce Morton
      Michelle Norman
  • Class of 2010

    Richard Buijs
    Richard Jenkins
    Colleen Jolly
    George A. McCulley
    Bobbie O'Brien
    Joseph C. O'Neill
    Beth Wingate
  • Class of 2009

    Ed Alexander
    Ruth Belanger
    Betsy Blakney
    Margaret Helsabeck
    Marilyn Moldovan
    Ali Paskun
    Keith Propst
    Kirste Webb
  • Class of 2008

    Mitch Boretz
    Cathy Day
    Dan Fulmer
    Jay Herther
    Suzanne Kelman
    Mike Parkinson
    David Sotolongo
  • Class of 2007

    Holly Andrews
    Dr. Bob Goldstein
    BJ Lownie
    Jessica Morgenstern
    Larry Newman
    Kelli Stephenson
    David Winton
  • Class of 2006

    Tony Birch
    Neil Cobb
    John Elder
    Bob Frey
    Alan Goldberg
    Jon Williams
  • Class of 2005

    Mark Ciamarra
    Dana Spears
  • Class of 2004

    Art Bass
    Dick Eassom
    Michael Humm
    Nancy Kessler
  • Class of 2003

    Charlie Divine
    Barry Fields
    Dennis Green
    Steve Jensen
    Jayme Sokolow
  • Class of 2002

    Tom Amrhein*
    David Bol
    Tom Boren
    Mike Ianelli
    Chuck Keller
    Sherrill Necessary
    Howard Nutt
    Karen Shaw

  • Class of 2001

    Nancy Cottle
    Marianne Gouveia
    Eric Gregory
    Steve Myers
    Patricia Nunn
    Bill Painter
    David Pugh
    Dr. Tom Sant
    Steve Shipley

* deceased