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Bid & Proposal Con Convince Your Boss Letter

Think about what a "Convince Your Boss Letter" really is.

It's a proposal.

So you're better positioned than most to craft a compelling argument why your organization should invest in your attending Bid & Proposal Con this year.

We've produced the following outline to help you exhibit how the virtues of this event can directly and positively impact you and your company. All it needs is your voice.

Intro paragraph (Executive Summary)

  • You (and your organization) strive to improve, and Bid & Proposal Con offers inspiring keynotes, insightful education, and networking opportunities to foster and inspire improvement
  • You (and your organization) have challenges, and Bid & Proposal Con has education sessions, fellow attendees, and scheduled advice forums - all of which can offer solutions

Second paragraph

  • List the values/benefits:
    • Education about best practices of the bid/proposal industry (solutions to your challenges)
    • Professional development (improvement of your performance)
    • Opportunities to build a network of peers for support and more learning from each other (solutions and improvement can continue long past the event and into the future)

Third paragraph

  • Cite specifically the content you plan to attend
    • List four or five sessions that are clearly relevant to your position and/or your organization
  • What about APMP certification? Perhaps your employer would see value in your pursuing that.

Fourth paragraph

  • Illustrate the ROI
    • Pledge to demonstrate ways you’ll apply what you learned to specific projects on which your company is (or could soon be) working
    • Cite your projects specifically; if you can mention specific challenges and point to specific, related sessions at the conference, do so
    • Promise to provide a simple report of your top takeaways, when you return

Fifth paragraph

  • Present the details and cost – be straightforward about what it will require. (Your employer may not invest in you again, if the experience provides sticker shock afterwards.)
    • Dates of the conference and dates you’ll need to take off
    • Registration fee, housing, travel

Closing paragraph

  • This is an investment representing opportunities to improve yourself and thus your organization
  • This is an investment offering specific solutions to specific challenges your organization currently faces

Too long? Perhaps an email, with just the Intro, third and fifth paragraphs would be enough. You know your supervisor best; deliver what they would appreciate.

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