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Bid & Proposal Con PowerPoint Template

Thank you for volunteering to present at Bid & Proposal Con!

Please download our current Bid & Proposal Con PowerPoint template (New Orleans 2017).

You may need to right-click and "Save as..." to download the file.

Guidelines for Presentations

[This includes Panels and Interactive Workshops]

We want our attendees to have a professional, high-value experience, and seeing a consistent template from session to session goes a long way to serve this desire.

At the same time, we appreciate that trends with these presentations evolve over time, and you may not use a template for every slide. (If you like, check out a Google search for contemporary PowerPoint trends.)

So if you have slides with full screen photos/graphics, etc., by all means do not try to cram those slides into our template. We do not require that our template appear on every slide.

Rather, for all slides where a template is visible, we ask that you use our template.

If your slides never use a template, or if you are a Panel or Interactive Workshop, please use our Title Slide (presentation name and your name) to start your presentation or have on the screen throughout the panel/workshop (we will provide a laptop if necessary).

Also, if you wish to do so, please add your organization's name/logo/etc. to one slide only.

Presentation Approval

A small committee will review all slide decks, acknowledge any concerns, and finally approve each deck.

We're asking for at least a draft of your slides by early April.

Final, approved slides should be provided by late May

Expect email reminders for the above with specific deadlines.

Copy of Slides for Attendees

"Can I get a copy of your slides?"

To nip this popular question in the bud, we publish all presenter's slides on the Bid & Proposal Con web page.

This is not a requirement however, so if you want your slides to not be published, please let us know.

If you want your slides published but not until after the conference, please let us know. Otherwise we'll post them as we receive them (if we have time).


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