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2016 Conference Sessions
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Instant Oodles: How to Increase Your Win Rate 12 Percent Right Now, by Quantifying the Value of Your Solution

Thursday, May 26, 2016 | 2:20 PM - 3:20 PM | Republic

Christopher Sant
If you can spare 299 seconds per proposal, this session can guarantee you a win rate miracle. Imagine: It’s 6:43 PM. You're leaving the office, but an email pops up. It's the proposal decision. You click on it. "We're sorry to inform you..." You feel like you've tried everything. Research on over 110 Fortune 500 companies proves that quantifying your benefits increases your win rate by 12 percent. Make your proposal catch F.I.R.E.: four rock-solid, legally sound, yet incredibly easy formulas for quickly quantifying the value of any solution. Discover F.I.R.E. and never fear your email again.

Chris Sant is a graduate of Stanford Law School and editor of Tom Sant’s best-selling proposal books. As a proposal consultant, he draws on his unique skills in legal and economic analysis to help companies in engineering, IT, banking and HR be as persuasive as legally allowed. As a lawyer, he never lost a trial, won a path-breaking First Amendment ruling, was honored by the California State Bar and was named Consumer Lawyer of the Year.

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