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2016 Conference Sessions
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Persuasive Power from the Kings of the Courtroom: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques from the World's Best Trial Lawyers

Saturday, May 28, 2016 | 9:40 AM - 10:40 AM | Republic

Christopher Sant
"If the glove don't fit, you ..." Twenty years after the OJ trial, many can still repeat that key argument. Wouldn't you like your key message to be that memorable?   To persuade a jury, lawyers use memorable ways to grab attention, stimulate interest and entertain.  This session discusses the truth about effective persuasion: the 3 critical audiences your sales message faces, the best order to present arguments, how to get prospects to rationalize emotional decisions, 6 ways to create the reality your prospect needs to make a decision, and tricks to tap into psychological loopholes.  Can you handle the truth? 

Chris Sant is a graduate of Stanford Law School and editor of Tom Sant’s best-selling proposal books. As a proposal consultant, he draws on his unique skills in legal and economic analysis to help companies in engineering, IT, banking and HR be as persuasive as legally allowed. As a lawyer, he never lost a trial, won a path-breaking First Amendment ruling, was honored by the California State Bar and was named Consumer Lawyer of the Year.

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