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Video Center

APMP Video Center for the Visual Learner

For those who like to watch, listen and learn, APMP’s Video Center is your hub for hours of educational content. Check back often because we are loading new videos every month. Every hour watched is worth one CEU toward your APMP certification.

Power 1/2 Hours

Power 1/2 Hour: The Power of Mastering The Job Hunt
Power 1/2 Hour: The Power Of Your Mental Health and Wellbeing
Power 1/2 Hour: The Power of Pricing in the Bid & Proposal Industry
Power 1/2 Hour: APMP Governance Through New Policies
Power 1/2 Hour: Pausing & Remembering KK Iyer
Power 1/2 Hour: The Power of Knowing Your Role
Power 1/2 Hour: Creating a Culture of High Performance
Power 1/2 Hour: Empathy
Power 1/2 Hour: The Power of Thinking Like Amazon
Power 1/2 Hour: Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Bid
Power 1/2 Hour: Government Contracting Survival During COVID-19
Power 1/2 Hour: The Power of Marketing Collaboration
Power 1/2 Hour: The Power of Networking and Pitching
Power 1/2 Hour: The Power of Diversity and Inclusion

Sponsored Webinars

Sponsored Webinar: Five Steps to Build an Intuitive Content Library
Sponsored Webinar: How RFP Teams Can Influence Sales Productivity and Outcomes
Sponsored Webinar: Top 5 Reasons for Losing Multi-Million Dollar Bids
Sponsored Webinar: Whose Proposal is it Anyway?!
Sponsored Webinar: Proposal Automation: Why, When, and How?
Sponsored Webinar: Sales vs. Proposal-Led Process: Which is Better?
Sponsored Webinar: Technology Disrupting the Proposal Process
Sponsored Webinar: Proposal Automation Software that Guarantees to Impress!
Sponsored Webinar: Planning and Delivering Winning Orals Presentations
Sponsored Webinar: Avoiding 11th Hour Pressure: Smart Working with Style Guides
Sponsored Webinar: 3P’s: Secrets to Winning Sales Proposals
Sponsored Webinar: So You Think You Have Value Proposition? Exposing the Truth
Sponsored Webinar: Building a Solid Content Management System
Sponsored Webinar: The Winning Formula: Eliminate Frustration and Win More Bids
Sponsored Webinar: From SMEs to Content_ How To Manage RFP Pain Points
Sponsored Webinar: Building a Modern, Data-Driven 'Capture Cloud'
Sponsored Webinar: 10 Steps to Improving Your RFP and Due Diligence Questionnaire Responses
Sponsored Webinar - 8 Metrics to Benchmark Proposal Team Performance
Sponsored Webinar: Bid Responsibly - Leveraging Data to Qualify, Collaborate and Win
Sponsored Webinar: Setting up Content and Pursuits Libraries in Microsoft Teams
Sponsored Webinar: Collaborate to Create Winning, Compliant Proposals & RFPs
Sponsored Webinar: Reviewing Proposals in a Virtual Environment