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APMP Fellows Criteria
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Industry Leaders

The APMP Fellows award is a lifetime achievement award. It is one of our association’s highest honors and is designed to provide recognition to individuals who have made significant contributions throughout their careers to the new business acquisition profession. The award, nominated by peers, is open to all APMP members who have belonged to the association for five or more years. Successful Fellow candidates will be inducted into the program in a class representing that calendar year, at the annual conference, APMP's Bid & Proposal Con. The program has become increasingly competitive, recognizing individuals who have made long-standing contributions to the industry.

Nominate Now!

The deadline for the 2016 Class of APMP Fellows nominations is Monday, February 29, 2016
To nominate a candidate, click here.

How To Nominate

To be considered for an APMP Fellows award, an individual must be nominated or must be a William C. McRae Founder’s Award recipient.

  1. Nominations can come from any APMP member but cannot be a self-nomination.
  2. Nominations must be submitted on the APMP Fellows Nomination Form.  
    All nominations must be unique. Duplicate nominations will be eliminated.
  3. Nominations are forwarded to the APMP Executive Director who works with an independent APMP Fellows Committee to review the awards nominations. APMP William C. McRea Founder’s Award recipients are automatically enrolled as APMP Fellows.
  4. Duplicate nominations will be eliminated.

Criteria for Consideration

To be considered for an APMP Fellows Award, candidates

  • Must have been an APMP member for five years and in good standing as a current member. 
  • Must have demonstrated extraordinary contributions to the profession of new business acquisition management, over the course of his/her career, through contributions to the success of the individual’s company; success through consulting practices enhancing client new business acquisition performance; successful contributions to APMP publications and events and so forth.
  • Have long-standing, proven leadership experience in the profession of new business acquisition and be an active participant in the professional development of APMP and its members. Additionally, Board of Directors and Chapter involvement can qualify individuals for recognition.
  • Must be recognized as upholding the principles and ethical standards of APMP.
  • Must be nominated by someone other than himself/herself.

Fellows Award Consideration

The APMP Fellows Committee, consisting of the APMP Executive Director and an independent panel of executives, will make recommendations to APMP's Executive Committee on the APMP Fellows honorees. Inductees are honored at the APMP Annual Awards Celebration, when that year's class of inductees is announced. APMP Fellows become lifetime members of APMP, are recognized on and are listed in the APMP Journal.

Duties of the Fellows

Fellows are asked to uphold their status by providing services commensurate with their honor. Services are voluntary and generally consist of the following invitations:

  • Serve as hosts and points of contact for conference presenters. 
  • Introduce guest speakers at conferences.
  • Serve as advisors for APMP’s strategic initiatives.
  • Serve as mentors to industry representatives.
  • Serve at the discretion of the CEO or APMP Board of Directors on special projects of APMP significance.
  • Provide advice for the APMP membership.
  • Contribute to the APMP Journal.
  • Contribute to the APMP Body of Knowledge (BOK).

These opportunities enable Fellows to maintain a high profile within APMP, which serves as an example and encourages others to continue to aspire to this important professional recognition.