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Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations for Bid & Proposal Con 2018

In our continuing effort to give our members what they want in content, APMP is pouring through every 2017 Bid & Proposal Con speaker survey comment from the New Orleans conference.

Overwhelmingly, attendees liked our expanded panel discussions and workshops for the simple reason that they had more networking and hands-on experiences.

In 2018, we will continue to give the attendees what they want by following these attendee suggestions:

  1. An equal number of sessions in clearly defined tracks
  2. Session topics our attendees say are most valuable
  3. A clear definition of a workshop session
  4. Larger rooms!

APMP is working hard to meet these requests. Here are some changes you are likely to see this year in the Call for 2018 Bid & Proposal Con Speakers:

  1. Speakers will be presented with a list of sessions that attendees most want to hear. Selected speakers will be invited to develop their presentations around those topic ideas.
  2. There will be an increased focus on panel discussions and workshops. These sessions will be given a higher weight by our Selection Committee.
  3. APMP Committees will be much more involved in designing session topics. For example, the Professional Development Committee will develop a list of Professional Development topics for speakers to choose from.
  4. We will continue to focus on informative information. Presentations with “war stories” are much less likely to be selected than a “how to” or APMP BOK “best practices” session.

As APMP and its Bid & Proposal Con continue to grow, our attendees and members tell us what they want, how they want it, and why. We understand that listening to APMP members and attendees, the people writing bids and proposal every day, puts us in the best position for success and best contributes to their professional development.

Keep your eyes open for the 2018 APMP Bid & Proposal Con Call for Speakers announcement sometime in mid-October or early November, and enjoy our new speaker nomination format.

The call for presentations will open on/before December 4, 2017.

Sample Timeline

Deadline to accept invitation as a Bid & Proposal Con speaker
Deadline for final session names, descriptions, presenter and panelist details (names, titles, organizations, bios and headshots)
Conference sessions posted online with day, time and room assignments
Deadline for FIRST DRAFT of presentations
Deadline to submit FINAL DRAFT of Presentations
Absolute Deadline for speakers to register for the Conference

Presentation Template

All presenters must use the official APMP Bid & Proposal Con presentation template (PowerPoint file). We strive to ensure we provide an effective, contemporary template that will compliment any presentation.

That said, we appreciate that current best practices advise against presentations that involve nothing but bullet points on a page from a template.

Occasionally using pages free of any template for some creative purpose is acceptable. What's critical is that if you have a page that uses a template, you use our provided template and not some other template.

Panels & Interactive Workshops

For sessions involving Panels and/or Interactive Workshops, we wish to maintain a professional and thorough presentation, so we ask that you please present at least a Title Slide (session name) and Presenters slides (names, titles, contact info).

Content Guidelines

  • We strongly discourage selling or pitching company products or services. Historically, these sessions receive low reviews and negative feedback; it is in our and the Presenter's interest to avoid this tactic.
  • The visual presentation should be:
    • Interactive and well-organized, with key points that lead to a logical conclusion
    • Full of new materials that draw on lessons learned or life experiences
    • Legible from a distance. No font less than 14 point is recommended
    • Grammatically correct, avoiding spelling errors in slides
    • Engaging and entertaining, to captivate the audience's attention throughout the presentation
  • The presentation should allow for questions before the end of the session. Please plan for at least 10 minutes of Q&A at the end of the presentation.
  • Speakers' notes should be included in the presentation, as a clear aid to those who choose to download an electronic copy of the presentation, after the session.

The committee will request a revision of presentations that:

  • Lack a title page
  • Include pages on a company-specific template or template other than what we provided
  • Include a company logo on more than one or two pages of the presentation
  • Contain content promoting any product or organization related to the presenter(s)

Presentation Logistics at the Conference

  • A maximum five presenters/panelists is permitted for each presentation.
  • Presenters must bring their own device (laptop, tablet, etc.) to present their content.
    • Modern connections to the room projector are typically available, however for devices with less common connections, we strongly recommend the Presenter bring their own connection cables/adapters, to be safe.
  • We recommend Presenters bring a copy of their slides on a USB stick, as a backup in case there are technical challenges with their device.
  • Wireless internet connectivity in the hotel is expected however not guaranteed. Presenters should download as much as possible to their device. If internet is absolutely required, Presenters should prepare a backup (portable hotspot, cellular device, etc.)
  • All breakout rooms will, generally, be set theater style for 150 – 225 people. The hotel does not provide staff to reset the room between presentations, so please so not rearrange the furniture unless you plan to reset the room afterwards.
  • Presenters who plan to distribute handouts are requested to bring approximately 150 copies. The printing and distribution of these copies will be at the presenter’s expense.

Important Information

  • Photographs taken of APMP Bid & Proposal Con presenters are the property of APMP and may be used for general APMP promotional purposes.
  • Presenters acknowledge that APMP may record their session(s).
  • Session recordings, presentations and PowerPoint slides will be available to APMP members, conference attendees and industry representatives after the conference.
  • Presenters and panelists will receive a code to deduct $100 from the registration fee.


Presenters are responsible for their accommodations.

Hotel reservations should be made via the conference webpage. If reservations are made directly with a hotel, please identify yourself as an attendee of APMP Bid & Proposal Con.


If you have questions about the education offered at APMP's Bid & Proposal Con or the abstract submission process, please contact