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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Strategic Plan and Road Map

DEI Mission and Vision

APMP is a diverse association committed to creating, nurturing, and sustaining a global, inclusive culture where all members feel a sense of belonging. We commit to embracing diverse perspectives and backgrounds. We will award and celebrate differences while sustaining and building equity and inclusion.

Our Commitment to Diversity

APMP promotes a diverse, equitable, and inclusive association and a workplace where employees and members of all races, genders, sexual orientations, identities, ages, education, disabilities, or origins feel included, valued, and respected. We are committed to a non-biased, non-discriminatory, and equal opportunity across all APMP departments and volunteer opportunities. We are committed to a workplace and association that values the contributions of its members and employees.

APMP defines diversity as:

  • Unique backgrounds, cultures, and traits
  • Job Functions such as bid and proposal writers, managers, marketers, sales leaders, capture professionals
  • Geographies
  • Company type and size
  • Individual work history and experience

Current DEI Initiatives – Affinity Groups:

Launched in 2021, our affinity groups allow members to:

  • Celebrate, share, and learn about different cultures and backgrounds
  • Hold space for people with shared experiences and interests
  • Network and deepen the APMP membership experience

Our Affinity Groups

APMP looks forward to expanding the Affinity Program, adding more networks, with increased adoption and support from its leadership and members

  • Military and Veterans
  • Pride
  • Professionals of Color
  • Young Professionals
  • Mental Health

Goals and Objectives (A 5-Year/10-Point Plan)

  • DEI training required for APMP board of directors and staff
  • Expand, support, provide funding and resources for APMP's Affinity Network program
  • Add a full or part-time DEI resource to APMP staff
  • Regularly share APMP's DEI demographic data.
  • APMP will seek the DEI thoughts and needs of its membership. A summary will be shared and leveraged to improve APMP's DEI efforts.
  • All major APMP HQ events will have one or more DEI training sessions as part of the programming,
  • APMP HQ will consider and hire diverse and global-based vendors, suppliers, and marketing groups.
  • APMP HQ will seek diverse speakers and look for diversity and representation in programming (topics), event speakers, panelists, etc.
  • Attributes and requirements for award nominations and selections will include examples of diversity and inclusion work.
  • Recruiting efforts will include diversity resources, committees, and business partners.

APMP Diversity Metrics and Measurements (Six Things We Will Measure Annually)

  • At a minimum, 25 percent of APMP's Board and leadership team will be filled with diverse association members. This includes age, origin, disability, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity.
  • APMP will ensure the geographical mix on the board and in leadership positions is in balance with the geographical percentage mix of our membership.
  • At a minimum, 25 percent of APMP's staff will be filled by diversity in age, origin, disability, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity.
  • Annual DEI training will be required for staff and members of the APMP HQ Board.
  • APMP will share a summary of demographic data every other year as part of the annual report to show progress.
  • APMP will share the summary of DEI feedback and measurable success to members annually.
Without APMP, I would not have the tools or knowledge of the industry to have the career I have today and the success I have experienced.
Liz Megli
Liz Megli, CF APMP
APMP is an organization full of hardworking, enthusiastic professionals who are dedicated to promoting their industry and practicing their craft.
Heather Finch, CF APMP
For the first time since I started my career, I felt like I was not alone in my struggles to meet deadlines, wrangle SMEs, and answer impossible questions. I’m grateful to have this community to share our wisdom and experiences.
Anthony Rossi, CF APMP
I never want to be complacent in my career, so it has been beneficial to have this group of peers who are going through similar trials and tribulations in the proposal world on a day-to-day basis.
jill zander
Jill Zander, CF APMP
I would advise new professionals to take advantage of the resources that APMP offers. Not only do you have access to conferences and seminars through your chapter, but the free webinars and the robust network of professionals are great benefits that can help advance one’s career.
3. Kessie Valerie photo
Valerie Kessie, CP APMP
Being a part of APMP, I get access to the knowledge and experience of great leaders and mentors from the community. I have learned a great deal from the webinars and conferences I attended on diverse topics from career progression in Proposal Management, trends (such as automation) in PreSales to achieving work-life balance, and handling burn-outs – all real-life experiences.
Kulkarni Shubhada photo
Shubhada Kulkarni, CP APMP
I love that my high scores in English and grammar from grade school finally paid off! I understand where I fit in professionally with a career that is rewarding on many levels. I owe all of this to APMP!
Bette Sturino, CP APMP
During my association with APMP, I have been fortunate to have met and gathered wisdom from several industry stalwarts.
KK 2
Karthik Koutharapu, CP APMP
APMP has provided an incredible platform for seasoned individuals from the Proposal and Bid Management profession and young professionals who want to start their careers in this field.
Mayura Ravishankar, Proposal Associate
APMP has been instrumental in my success and has given me a framework in which to coach and mentor the bid and proposal stars of the future.
Mescall Ceri Photo
Ceri Mescall, CPP APMP