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Maintaining Certification (CEUs/CPDs)


Each level of APMP certification requires that you maintain your credentials through ongoing professional development, measured in Continued Education Units (CEUs) or Continuing Professional Development (CPDs).

Certified members have two years to earn the required number of CEUs/CPDs as described in the chart below. Upon completion of CEUs/CPDs, your certification is renewed another two years (and the count of CEUs/CPDs resets to zero). CEUs/CPDs must be obtained and maintained every two years. Please look below and see how many CEUs/CPDs you need for the highest level of APMP certification you have. If you have Foundation Level, you’ll need 20 CEUs/CPDs, Practitioner, Professional, and Capture Practitioner need 40.

apmpcertification 300px
APMP Certification Level Required CEUs/CPDs
to Maintain Certification
For Foundation Level
20 CEUs/CPDs
For Practitioner Level
40 CEUs/CPDs
For Capture Practitioner Level 40 CEUs/CPDs
For Professional Level
40 CEUs/CPDs

How to Earn CEUs/CPDs

Professional development through training. You can maintain your APMP certification by earning CEUs/CPDs through APMP education and training. The CEU/CPD fulfillment requirement is in place to increase and/or demonstrate your knowledge of current best practices and current industry trends.

APMP Conferences (BPC, BPC Europe, BPC Asia, BPC Global, Winning Business Virtual Experience (WBVE), etc.) 1 CEU/CPD per hour of
educational session attended
APMP Chapter Events
Approved Training (e.g., provided by APMP Approved Training Organizations (ATOs) that does not compete with APMP education conferences or programs. APMP’s Board of Directors determines what programs are competitive)
APMP Webinars 1 CEU/CPD per webinar
APMP Self study
Minimum one-hour commitment of self-study of APMP materials (e.g., researched APMP BOK to develop template; read Review Management chapter and created checklist). Please note that APMP is NOT able to provide CEUs for self-study materials produced independent of APMP because we are unable to review all non-APMP produced materials to ensure that they meet APMP Best Practices as referenced in the AMP Body of Knowledge.
Up to 3 CEUs/CPDs per three hours of study per 2-year period.

Serving the profession as a volunteer leader. 

Your time spent as an APMP volunteer leader can provide countless opportunities for professional (and personal) growth.

  • You must remain in good standing throughout your years' tenure
  • CEUs/CPDs are prorated in the case of partial years' service
APMP Board of Directors 20 CEUs/CPDs
APMP Chapter Board of Directors 15 CEUs/CPDs
APMP Committees 15 CEUs/CPDs

Contributing content. 

Preparing for and presenting educational content for APMP audiences should provide you with information as you research and organize your contribution.

  • Content must be related to our industry specifically and follow the APMP Body of Knowledge
APMP Educational presentation/webinars 10 CEUs/CPDs
Article/column/blog published that follows APMP’s Body of Knowledge (print and/or online) 5 CEUs/CPDs
Podcast published that follows APMP’s Body of Knowledge 5 CEUs/CPDs

Other activities. 

The Certification body at APMP may consider other efforts and experiences as qualifying toward earning CEUs/CPDs as long as they follow APMP’s Body of Knowledge

  • A panel of evaluators will review these claims and assess the appropriate number of CEUs/CPDs on a case-by-case basis. Please send examples you would like to be considered to [email protected], APMP Director of Certification.