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Proposal Staff Resources - Surge and Permanent Hire Staffing Support

Cella is an award-winning staffing firm with deep expertise and a proven track record in sourcing, vetting and placing business development, capture, proposal and production professionals. Our range of services allows us to serve as a virtual extension of your recruiting function and internal proposal team, with:

  • Flexible, cost-effective support via pre-vetted, “on demand” hourly consultants.
  • Dedicated search services to source candidates on a temp-to-hire or permanent hire basis.

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Richter & Company’s wrapRATER™ – a wrap rate calculator product

Provides an estimate of a targeted company’s likely current wrap rate (burden rate) before fee.Richter & Company’s wrapRATER – a wrap rate calculator product – is intended to provide an estimate of a targeted company’s likely current wrap rate (burden rate) before fee. Wrap Rates are the indirect burdens covering Fringe Benefit, Overhead and General & Administrative costs which are applied to direct labor costs to derive the true cost of labor. Development of wrap rates is a key component of the pricing models within Richter & Company’s current Analysis of Competitor Solutions and Pricing offering.

  • Wrap Rates are the indirect burdens covering Fringe Benefit, Overhead, and General & Administrative costs which are applied to direct labor costs to derive the true cost of labor.
  • Development of wrap rates is a key element of Richter & Company’s Price To Win models.
  • wrapRATER™ results are based on real-time data and analysis performed by our Price To Win analysts and built to reflect a company’s current business climate.
  • Each wrapRATER™ is developed within 24-48 hours of your request.

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Integrated Marketing + Proposal Development Services

Led by APMP-certified thought leaders, Summit Strategy helps B2B + B2G organizations win more business through strategic planning, proposal development, traditional and digital marketing, branding, and training.

We are not your traditional proposal management consulting firm. Instead, we bring a game-changing approach that differentiates us (and our clients!) from the competition – integrating marketing + pursuits into a holistic strategy. Say goodbye to siloed marketing, sales, and proposal teams. Working with Summit Strategy provides you with direct access to a team of collaborative, creative specialists – proposal managers, marketing strategists, writers, editors, graphic designers, digital marketing specialists, and social media managers – all focused on helping you win more business.

Our team members are more than just great at their craft – they are also strategic thinkers, business drivers, consensus-builders, planners, trendsetters, industry leaders, mentors, and advocates. By integrating your marketing + proposal efforts, Summit Strategy can lead your organization to new heights through the development and implementation of powerful growth strategies to win more business.

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Live Deal Support
Retail Price: Contact us for details

We will help you by working alongside your bid team to produce a truly first-class proposal for must-win deals.

For the development of these high-quality, high-impact proposals, StrategicProposalsNL will facilitate your strategy development, content design sessions and help with producing compelling proposal content by expert reviewing and editing.

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Comprehensive Proposal Management Support and Services
Pricing: Contact us for details

Many proposal groups face the problem of the “missing piece.” They lack a key piece needed to win -- someone who knows the technology, industry, and program. Or an entire team. OCI’s deep bench makes it possible to provide the missing piece. Over 400 vetted consultants. And another 5,000 resumes. Since 1995, we have been respected proposal consultants. Serving Big 20 contractors to progressive small businesses. Many companies wait too late to call. If you have a need coming up, please contact us at 703 689-9600.

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PerfectIt is used by proposal teams across the globe to deliver error-free proposals that speak with one voice. It improves consistency, ensures quality, saves time, and helps to enforce house style. It lets the user control every change, giving you the assurance that documents are the best they can be.

PerfectIt checks include:

  • Acronym definitions
  • Consistent hyphenation and capitalization
  • Capitalization of headings
  • List/bullet capitalization and punctuation
  • International spelling variations

PerfectIt is customizable, so you can adapt it to your house style or create different style preferences for each client.

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Atlas Proposal Assessments & Support
Retail Price: $2,100
APMP Member Price: $1,700

Did your proposal approach obscure the value of your well-developed themes? To what extent did your proposal make it difficult or frustrating to evaluate? Is your proposal approach inhibiting your ability to win? Accompanied by the RFP/SIR/similar, we will evaluate 2 non-price/cost volumes of your proposal/bid response - documenting evidence of our findings, followed by a one-hour discussion. Performed by former acquisition officials and nationally-recognized proposal managers with over 20 years of experience.

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Metre is a sales and proposal development firm for healthcare companies. We leverage our extensive knowledge and experience in healthcare, sales, and RFPs to help you win business. We support sales across all lines of business—B2B, local and state government, Medicare, and Medicaid. Our proposal professionals guide you through the process, quickly gain a deep understanding of you and your customer, identify what makes you unique, and then clearly articulate your value to the customer in a way that matters to them. It’s not rocket science, but it is a lot of work. Let Metre do a lot of that work for you. Primary services include live RFP management and writing, staff augmentation, database development and management, and training and people development.

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"At Once Upon an RFP, we partner with Business to Business and Business to Government organizations to tame proposal chaos. We empower our clients with the right combination of people, processes, and planning to stabilize and grow their revenue. Our team of proposal professionals includes writers, managers, coordinators, editors, and graphic designers who specialize in RFP responses, proactive proposals, content library management, and more. From startups to Fortune 500, we are passionate about helping you win business. We look forward to working with you and your team to create client-focused proposals and implement the right recipe of best practices to fuel growth.”

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Graphics Assessment

24 Hour Company Graphics Assessment
Retail Price: $2,400
APMP Member Price: $1,900

Are your proposal graphics helping you win or lose? Get a proposal assessment now to find your strengths and weaknesses. Up to 50 graphics are reviewed in 10 key areas (using 33 success criteria). The results are shared during a post-assessment meeting and through the completed evaluation matrix.

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Proposal Support, Proposal Teams, Strategy, Capture, ENs

Hinz Consulting is a proposal development and capture management consulting firm. We help customers, including Fortune 100 clients, win Government contracts in every market. The proposal market is full of people who are unaware that their skills fall short of excellence. That makes it a complicated and risky hiring environment. A person’s true capabilities are only revealed after you work with them for some time. Our approach is to take no risks. Every minute is precious in proposals – our goal is that the right person supports our client, every time.

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Strategic Development
APMP Member Price: 

Your future is in sight with our consulting services. From the strategic selection of opportunities to proposal development, competitive price, and coaching for oral presentations, our clients depend on us for smart advice. Smart advice - we help you create effective, efficient, compliant and winning proposals. APMP members use discount code APMP-Code

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Dragonfly Editorial Exhibitor Only

Proposal Writing, Editing, and Design Support

Dragonfly is your outsourced content partner, helping you with writing, editing, and design. We’re an extension of your proposal team, easing your workload and reducing your stress. We create clear, compelling content that meets your business needs and helps you shine.

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Organizations worldwide rely on Shipley to provide the qualified personnel, training, and processes necessary to compete and win! With leadership and offices in 14 countries, individuals and organizations benefit from a consistent approach to capture planning, bid and proposal development, and professional development. Visit us to see how we can help you win more work.

Winning starts here.


Real-Time Capture & Proposal Support

Organizations turn to Shipley to provide expert capture and proposal support on strategic pursuits in virtually any industry. Our personnel are skilled business winning practitioners who know how to contribute to and lead a bid or proposal response. With a keen focus on compliance, customer focus, and strategic messaging and graphics, we support your team to help you win!

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Training and Certification

Training and Certification

Whether you or your company need to develop critical skills in capture planning, proposal development, or even pricing-to-win, Shipley’s training programs meet industry standards and expectations. More and more employers seek to hire talent that demonstrates completion and mastery of Shipley’s best practices. Options include traditional classroom, instructor-led online, self-paced, or a blended learning approach.

Click on the button below to learn more about our individual training options and the Shipley Business Winning Certification program. APMP members can use the code APMPMEMBERS to receive 10% off our training offerings.

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Industry Best Practice Guides

Industry Best Practice Guides

Shipley’s series of industry-best guides provide business-winning professionals and organizations with a standard for best practices. The guides offer current advice for competing for and winning business in virtually any industry. These best practices are addressed in these Shipley guidebooks:

  •  Shipley Proposal Guide: Focused on proposal development best practices
  • Shipley Capture Guide: Principles and guidelines for positioning for and qualifying work
  • Shipley BD Lifecycle Guide: An overview of a proven and flexible framework from which to build your own business-winning approach.

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Business Winning Playbooks

Business Winning Playbooks

Every business-winning professional needs a playbook to help navigate sales, capture, and proposal processes. These Shipley playbooks provide a step-by-step approach for winning—including over a dozen downloadable tools and templates. Shipley can also help you tailor your own company playbooks.

  • Shipley Proposal Manager Playbook: Helping balance the interpersonal and project management skills necessary for a winning proposal.
  • Shipley Proposal Writer Playbook: Contributors need a roadmap for developing compelling and compliant content for bids and proposals. This is the roadmap to streamline your writing.
  • Shipley Capture Manager Playbook: This playbook provides an intuitive approach to qualifying opportunities, positioning to compete, and developing action plans to win opportunities.

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Business Development Capability Maturity Model

Business Development Capability Maturity Model (BD-CMM)

The Shipley Business Winning Institute (BWI) is home to the BD-CMM®—a proven organizational assessment and leadership approach to measuring your organization’s business winning maturity. Shipley BWI offers appraisal services, coaching, and change leadership guidance to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business-winning organizations. We can help you document your process based on your market and competitive environment.

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