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Becoming an APMP sponsor puts you directly in front of thousands of APMP's global members and positions your company as an industry leader.

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APMP is the worldwide authority for individuals dedicated to the process of winning business through proposals, bids, tenders, and presentations.

Branding, Promotion, and Recognition of Your Organization

APMP Sponsorship demonstrates your organization's commitment to the growing and impactful work-winning proposal management industry.

APMP sponsors build their brand by linking to, adding products to the APMP Store, and advertising in

Put your company's brand, products, and services in front of a diverse community of members and organizations that represent a wide range of sectors and industries around the world.

13200+ Members
72 Countries
29 Chapters
16900+ Certified Professionals

Our members work in the commercial, federal, academic, and consulting sectors in a multitude of roles, including proposal management and writing; capture, sales, and business development; graphic design; marketing; pricing, and more.

In addition to an industry-recognized certification program, APMP delivers both practical information and forward-thinking insights via professional development, tailored education, and high-quality communications.

Take advantage of APMP’s sponsorship opportunities throughout the year to stay connected with the members.

We invite you to review our Sponsorship Catalog and build a personalized package that fits your company’s needs.

For sponsorship opportunities please contact Chelsea MacKenzie, APMP’s Event Coordinator, [email protected].

2024 Sponsorhip Levels

APMP believes in creating ideal sponsorship opportunities to allow you to connect with your audience of business-winning professionals. Off-the-shelf packages might include benefits that do not add value to your organization, so we offer you the opportunity to build a package that includes the benefits that best fit your organization’s needs.

Sponsorship levels are based on overall annual sponsorship spending with APMP.

Partner Level - $40,000 and up

Platinum Level - $20,000 and up

Diamond Level – $10,000 and up

Gold Level - $5,000 and up

Silver Level - $3,500 and up

Sponsorship benefits will be in effect once payment for the sponsorship has been received.

Partner Level

Platinum Level

Diamond Level

Gold Level

Silver Level


Sponsored Webinars - $3,500 - $5,500

Establish yourself as a thought leader, present your new product with a live demonstration, or share the valuable findings from your latest research - all live on APMP TV! Establish yourself as a thought leader, present your new product with a live demonstration, or share the valuable findings from your latest research - all live on APMP TV! These webinars are open to both APMP members and non-members at no cost, providing an excellent opportunity to leverage your investment with targeted promotions for prospects and existing clients. Attendance varies based on the topic and the effectiveness of sponsor-driven targeted marketing, with an average of approximately 1,185 registrations* per sponsored webinar (*based on webinars hosted from Jan 2023 through June 2023). Price varies based on the specific date you reserve. As part of this opportunity, you'll receive the following benefits:

  • Two targeted email blasts sent to members, effectively advertising the webinar and maximizing attendance.
  • Extensive promotion with your webinar showcased on APMP’s homepage and featured in the APMP calendar.
  • Access to valuable registrant opt-ins after the webinar, allowing you to follow up with potential leads and grow your network.
  • Present your webinar with a well-crafted 45 minutes of valuable content, coupled with an engaging 15-minute moderated Q&A session, placing you directly in front of your target audience for a truly impactful experience.
Lohfeld Webinar 090623 800x600

Member Email Blast - $3,500

Capture the undivided attention of APMP members through an impactful email blast delivered straight to their inboxes. This exclusive opportunity empowers you to showcase your latest innovation, cutting-edge product or service, exciting promotions, or upcoming events to the APMP bid and proposal community. Choose the send date and time that aligns seamlessly with your schedule, ensuring maximum convenience. As a sponsor, you have complete control over the content and design of the email, enabling you to convey your message precisely as you envision it. Availability for dates is limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis, so act swiftly to secure your spot!

APMP Winning Business Reporter (Newsletter) Article - $2,000 per article

Purchase the opportunity to share an article to feature in our esteemed APMP Winning Business Reporter Newsletter and gain visibility. Would you be interested in sharing a white paper, press release, or positioning yourself as a thought leader? Please note that opportunities are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The APMP Winning Business Reporter Newsletter is a bi-monthly publication distributed to all APMP members and subscribers. It showcases bid and proposal news, along with important updates and announcements from APMP and the industry as a whole.

Email Subscribers: 25,000+

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Thought Leadership Article - $900 per piece

Leverage the power of this sponsored content opportunity to establish a direct editorial connection with bid, proposal, business development, and capture professionals. Elevate your organization's brand awareness and credibility as a thought leader through insightful content. Leverage the power of this sponsored content opportunity to establish a direct editorial connection with bid, proposal, business development, and capture professionals. Elevate your organization's brand awareness and credibility as a thought leader through insightful content. 

Choose the date that best positions your company. Your article will reach an extensive audience, with approximately 7,000+ views per month and an impressive 4,000+ viewers per month.

Submission Details:

  • Articles must be educational and journalistically written, delivering valuable insights to the audience.
  • Your content will be reviewed and edited by APMP staff to ensure top-notch quality.
  • Word count between 900 to 2,000 words to strike the perfect balance of depth and clarity.
  • Customize your article header to make a lasting impression on readers.
  • Ensure your content adheres to APMP's Sponsored Content Guidelines.
Sponsored Article v2

APMP Membership - $170 per membership

Elevate your staff's potential by providing them with an APMP Membership, strengthening meaningful connections within the industry. With over 29 global chapters available, strategically choose the most relevant chapter to target localized events, unlocking opportunities for your company's growth and success.


APMP Resource Listing (either Bid & Proposal Support page or RFP & Proposal Software page) - $500 per product/service listed annually

Partner through Gold-level sponsors receive one free listing.

Display your organization’s products and services in APMP’s online resources — the dedicated space our members visit to find the essentials that help them deliver success and win more business for their organizations. Product categories include training providers, RFPs, proposal software providers, proposal assessments and support, and more. To date, in 2023, our Bid & Proposal Support and RFP & Proposal Software pages receive 20+ views a day.

APMP TV Exclusive Sponsorship* 

Seize the opportunity to be an exclusive sponsor of APMP TV, the home for ALL of APMP HQ's captivating video content. This prestigious sponsorship ensures that only one sponsor is represented at a time, providing unmatched visibility for your brand.

APMP TV attracts an average of 200 visits per day (includes weekends). 570 pageviews per day (includes weekends). Average visits on a webinar day are 877. Average pageviews on a webinar day are 2,270. These impressive metrics guarantee your message will reach a wide and engaged audience.

Choose from 3-, 6-, or 12-months sponsorship options and secure your spot on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reserve your high-profile advertisement spot today and elevate your brand's exposure to new heights!

APMP TV Sponsorship
3 months - $6,000
6 months - $10,500
12 months - $18,000

Banner Ad Specifications

  • Banner Size: 1440 x 250 pixels
  • All images must be 72 DPI
  • Convert all CMYK images to RGB
  • File size should not exceed 1 MB
  • Valid file types: JPG/JPEG

* Currently, APMP TV is booked up until June 30, 2024.

APMP's Winning Business Reporter (Newsletter) Advertisement 

The Winning Business Reporter is our bi-monthly (every other week) industry publication featuring bid and proposal news, APMP news, and announcements to all APMP members and subscribers. Seize this opportunity to showcase your company before our extensive network of members, opening doors to potential clients who could be your next big business success!

Email Subscribers: 25,000+

LinkedIn Subscribers: 2,600+

Ad Type Dimensions Rate: 1 Month (2 editions) Rate: 6 Months Rate: 12 Months
Top Leaderboard (Max 1) 650 x 100 px $2,000 $10,500 $18,000
Middle Leaderboard (Max 1) 650 x 100 px $1,800 $9,450 $16,200
Bottom Leaderboard (Max 1) 650 x 100 px $1,000 $5,250 $9,000
Square Ads in the Body of the Email (Max 2) 300 x 250 px $2,000/ea $10,500/ea $18,000/ea

Banner Ad Specifications

  • All images must be 72 DPI
  • Convert all CMYK images to RGB
  • File size should not exceed 1 MB
  • Valid file types: JPG/JPEG

APMP Career Center Advertisement – ($300 - $3,000)

Are you seeking exceptional talent for your company? Consider sponsoring an ad in the career center – a fantastic opportunity! With over 53,000 job views to date (Jan - July 2023), the Career Center offers banner, skyscraper, and sidebar advertisements in flexible durations of 30-, 90-, 180-, and 365-days. Showcase your organization and attract top talent through this effective platform!

Winning the Business (APMP Blog) Advertisement – ($1,500 - $5,000)

Winning the Business (WTB) stands as the leading content source for bid, proposal, business development, and capture professionals. As a platform, offers APMP members the perfect outlet to share their valuable insights through articles. With an impressive 7,000+ views and approximately 4,000+ viewers per month, your advertisement will reach a wide audience of APMP winning business professionals. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your brand and connect with top-notch industry experts today!

Ad Type Dimensions Rate: Monthly Rate: 3 Months Rate: 6 Months Rate: 12 Months
Top Leaderboard* 728 x 90 px $900 $2,430 $4,590 $8,640
Bottom Leaderboard 728 x 90 px $700 $1,890 $3,570 $5,760
Top Square 300 x 250 px $550 $1,485 $2,805 $5,280
Bottom Square 300 x 250 px $400 $1,188 $2,040 $3,840

*Reserved for APMP Platinum and Partner-level sponsors.

Banner Ad Specifications

  • All images must be 72 DPI
  • Convert all CMYK images to RGB
  • File size should not exceed 1 MB
  • Valid file types: GIF, JPG/JPEG, PNG, SWF, JS, HTML
  • Animation allowed (unless otherwise specified by APMP); must be 10 seconds or less.

All ads, except for the bottom leaderboard, are displayed on the home page interior pages. The bottom leaderboard shows on the homepage only.

APMP Award Sponsorship - $2,000 per award

The APMP Honors Gala recognizes the tremendous achievements, dedication, and contributions of our members in the world of bids and proposals. APMP’s annual awards will air in December.

Being an APMP Award Sponsor includes recognition in promotional material and sponsors will be allowed up to a minute and a half to introduce the award and promote their organization in a prerecorded video. The awards are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Possible awards available for sponsorship include:

  • Bid & Proposal Industry Executive of the Year - Reserved
  • Bid & Proposal Team of the Year - Reserved
  • Chapter Leader of the Year
  • 40 under 40
  • APMP Volunteer of the Year

This is an exceptional chance to align your organization with excellence and gain substantial exposure within the APMP community.


Sponsor an APMP Affinity Group – starting at $500

By sponsoring an affinity group, you play a vital role in empowering the group to fulfill its mission and contribute to the professional and personal development of APMP members. APMP supports five diverse affinity groups: Pride, Military and Veterans, Professionals of Color, Young Professionals, and Mental Health. You have the option to support any individual group or choose to extend your sponsorship to all five, making a significant impact on fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for our members.

Sponsors are acknowledged on the APMP website and receive prominent promotion on the BPC US agenda.

Charlie Divine Certification Scholarship Program Sponsorship - $3000 - SOLD

The Charlie Divine certification scholarships are bestowed upon the top 29 deserving APMP members. This sponsorship plays a vital role in covering examination costs and actively fosters professional growth within the industry. By becoming a sponsor, your brand will gain visibility through all scholarship-related emails and be acknowledged during APMP’s Awards Gala further enhancing your recognition.

2024 APMP HQ Events

APMP events offer distinctive sponsorship opportunities encompassing brand recognition, lead generation, registrations, and more! Explore the specific opportunities available for each event!

BPC Barcelona - March 7-8, 2024

BPC New Orleans - June 2-5, 2024

Winning AI24 - August 19-23, 2024

Pricing Palooza - September 12, 2024

Women’s Virtual Summit - October 24, 2024

Capture & Business Development Conference - November 13, 2024