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Executive Summaries Micro-Certification

The APMP Executive Summaries Micro-Certification provides recognition for APMP best practices and the essential skills required to create compelling executive summaries.

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APMP Executive Summaries Micro-Certification (ES-M APMP)

The purpose of this APMP Micro-Certification is to measure whether a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the APMP Body of Knowledge (BoK) to act as an informed member of a bid and proposal team with regards to writing effective executive summaries. This Micro-Certification provides recognition for APMP best practice, and the essential skills required to create compelling executive summaries. The candidate should, as a minimum, be able to recall, recognize and demonstrate understanding of the APMP best practices outlined in the executive summaries section of the APMP BoK.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate understanding by being able to:

  • Identify best practices in creating executive summaries.
  • Explain ways to apply best practices in diverse environments.
  • Identify ways to apply recent trends.
  • Explain the typical mistakes made while creating an executive summary.
  • Explain common terms used.

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What kind of exam is it?

  • 25 questions
  • Multiple choice
  • Online exam
  • Open-book.

The exam is timed, and the candidate has up to 30 minutes for English-speaking candidates (as their primary language). Candidates with English as a second (or third etc.) language get eight extra minutes for a total of 38 minutes.

If you fail the exam, there is no waiting period to retake the exam (exam fee is due again). 

Who should pursue this?

  • This qualification is aimed at proposal writers, proposal managers, and others who write in their roles, such as sales, business development, and subject matter experts who provide content for executive summaries as part of the bid and proposal document.


  • There are no prerequisites needed to take the exam.
  • APMP membership is not required. However, the exam fee for non-members is significantly higher, and without membership, you don’t have free access to the online APMP BoK.
  • There is no minimum industry experience required.

How much does the exam cost?

APMP members: USD 150 / Nonmembers: USD 300.

Prepare for the exam

  • Basis for all questions is the APMP BoK. With the launch of the ES-M, the new executive summaries section will be published in the BoK and will be available as a PDF at no cost to the exam candidate.
  • Other materials are beneficiary but not mandatory. Please remember that all questions were written using the executive summaries section (and the referenced terms) of the APMP BoK.
  • There is a complete set of sample questions on

Are CEU/CPDs required to maintain this certification?

  • There are no CEU/CPD requirements to register for the exam.
  • There are no CEU/CPD requirements for keeping your certification valid.
  • However, sitting the exam (and preparing for it) is valid for 2 CEUs toward your other certification requirement.

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This topic, Executive Summaries, is way underrated. The Executive Summary is the most eye-catching document, which almost everyone on the customer side reads. Yet, in most bid teams, we don’t dedicate the attention it deserves. I want to learn about something I can immediately put into practice at my workplace, which provides a “quick win” to the team and is a long-term benefit for the company.
Dénes Máthé, CF ES-M APMP
The Executive Summaries Micro-Certification exam was easy to follow and clear in what was required. I found the learning materials to be very informative, and they will be a great tool to use while in the exam and for future executive summary tasks.
Sarah Chapman, CP ES-M APMP
Acquiring the executive summary micro certification has helped to build my confidence in producing best practice Executive Summaries. I also benefit from the social media badge for my LinkedIn profile and certification to add to my resume. Both of these allow me to verify my Executive Summary capabilities.
Laura Rispin, CP ES-M APMP
The Executive Summary is the key element of each proposal, literally the most important part of the response next to the price – this is why my focus was on this micro certification. Understanding the principles of Deal-Strategy, Win-Strategy, Competitor-Analysis, Ghosting, Persuasive Writing, Features/Benefits/Discriminators, and many more is essential and beneficial for so much more than just the Executive Summary.
Picture Square
Florian Lamisch, CF ES-M APMP
Achieving the Executive Summaries micro-certification will support me in persuading Sales to create a better Executive Summary.
Gerald Stein
Gerald Stein, CF ES-M APMP
As a sales coach, the executive summary is vital for capturing and proposing management activities. This is an excellent addition to our members' professional standing, and I look forward to many more micro certifications.
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Suzanne Shields, CPP ES-M APMP
With this micro-certification and digital badge, I signal to my bid team and stakeholders that I am familiar with this topic. They can use me as their contact and "sparring partner," independent of RFPs.
Norbert Thiemermann, CPP ES-M APMP
Acquiring this micro-certification allows me to expand my aperture regarding the collaboration between capture and proposal management to develop more robust, customer-centric Executive Summaries for future pursuits. It allows me to advance my skill set, evolve my knowledge, and reflect my commitment to continuous learning.
Stephen Yuter, ES-M APMP