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RFP & Proposal Software

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Proposal Management and RFP Response Software

When it comes to investing in RFP software, you need the best in the business to ensure your success. With over 30 years of experience in the RFP space, Qvidian is the top enterprise-level solution to centralize product information and simplify global collaboration to quickly deliver polished and compliant proposals, presentations, and sales documents.

Trusted by many of the world's leading enterprises, our software has become a reliable partner in proposal automation, improving RFx response quality with strict security and compliance, shortening sales cycles, and scoring more wins. Empower your sales and proposal teams to craft powerful content fueled by automation and access all the best answers in one place—simple, the way life should be—with Qvidian.

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SalesEdge, the Experts in RFP Proposal Software, offers the leading SAAS solution, Qvidian, to small and medium-sized businesses.  

SalesEdge, a women-owned business, guides proposal teams to a better, faster, and more effective RFP Response process.  

Since 2007, SalesEdge has helped thousands of users achieve continued success responding to RFPs, RFIs, DDQs, Proposals, SOWs, and Security Questionnaires.  By using Qvidian RFP and proposal automation software with SalesEdge, you have a partner that will guide you beyond implementation to continued proficiency.  Our team works with clients to ensure success through private, customized training incorporating best practices and guidance to help achieve initial and developing goals.

At SalesEdge, Customer Success is at the core of our culture, we create a personalized journey for each client that will maximize your investment in Qvidian RFP and proposal automation software.

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Optimize your proposal drafts to make them more responsive to the scoring criteria used in Government evaluations.

Pricing: APMP discount gladly given using code APMP20

Relevant Match™ is a desktop software addition to your proposal team using pure analytics that answers the question “how well does my written proposal answer the key themes of the RFP statement of work?" It’s optimizes responsiveness to the SOW. Tuned to the specific RFP.

Relevant Match is a unique – an optimizer tool for making the proposal compelling. Not a word processor, a collaboration platform, a compliance matrix, or a template library to make the proposal pretty. It’s an optimizer to get a high score.

Relevant Match reads and compares documents, using a complex algorithm and empirical rules, to provide a calculated score and supporting graphics. These let the proposal manager focus the proposal team's efforts on areas that need work or are inconsistent with the solicitation. This saves time, and saved time saves money.

Features four analysis screens and an auto-report generator that makes it quick and easy to communicate progress to executives and teams. Imports any txt, doc, or pdf file from your PC or network. Completely self-contained and needs no internet connection, not cloud-based, so it can be used in a SCIF for classified proposals. One-click installation with Industry-standard Advanced Installer Express. Code authenticated by CERTIGO. Uses the latest internal encryption, compatible Windows OS. We are a Microsoft partner.

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Bidhive helps companies participating in the competitive tender process to efficiently plan, manage and track the progress of multiple bids and proposals simultaneously. Aligned to best practice bid management principles and simple to use, Bidhive introduces to your company a structured, repeatable process to:

  • improve visibility of the opportunity pipeline, bid team resources, bid status, and outcomes to support decision making
  • increase efficiency across the end-to-end process with collaboration tools to ensure your bid team is supported, assigned, and utilised to improve success rates.

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PerfectIt is used by proposal teams across the globe to deliver error-free proposals that speak with one voice. It improves consistency, ensures quality, saves time, and helps to enforce house style. It lets the user control every change, giving you the assurance that documents are the best they can be.

PerfectIt checks include:

  • Acronym definitions
  • Consistent hyphenation and capitalization
  • Capitalization of headings
  • List/bullet capitalization and punctuation
  • International spelling variations

PerfectIt is customizable, so you can adapt it to your house style or create different style preferences for each client.

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AI-Enabled Response to RFPs, Bids, DDQs, and more

RFPIO is the leading RFP response solution, trusted by some of the world’s smartest companies to manage responses to RFPs, RFIs, Security Questionnaires, and more. Powered by AI, RFPIO makes it easier for proposal teams to respond to opportunities, craft winning proposals, and collaborate across departments. By centrally managing company knowledge and making it available on-demand, RFPIO allows organizations to harness its power for nearly real-time response—driving sales productivity and improving sales outcomes. More than 175,000 users at organizations such as Google, Adobe, Atlassian, Microsoft, Tenable, and Zoom Video trust their response management strategy to RFPIO.

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RFPIO LookUp | Internal Knowledge Management

RFPIO® LookUp unlocks the power of your RFP answer library, enabling teams across your organization to access company knowledge from practically anywhere. And with RFPIO's unlimited user license, you can give access to everyone at your organization—at no extra cost. RFPIO® LookUp is compatible with: Slack, Google Chrome, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint), Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Chromium Edge.

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XaitPorter is the benchmark team co-authoring and automation software solution. It streamlines the entire bid and proposal process. Everyone can access and work on the same document, at the same time. The built-in workflow lets you assign writers, reviewers, and approvers - all with individual deadlines. And because formatting, layout, and numbering are automatically taken care of, co-authors can focus on creating bid-winning content.

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Guided proposal creation for comprehensive, winning proposals. XaitProposal software lets your team regain control of the proposal creation, improving your win rates. It easily produces high quality project-oriented proposals by leveraging your existing content using the knowledge library. Allows your team to spend less time on creation and more on strengthening the proposal. Deliver a final result in line with your corporate branding, without giving it a thought.

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APMP Member Price: 10% off your first annual subscription

APMP members are invited to make the switch to a better proposal and sales enablement software. QorusDocs is AI-powered proposal development software that automates the creation of strategic sales responses that stand out and win deals. Personalized for each prospect, proposals are professional, on-brand, and error-free, and include content proven to lead to better win rates. Easily produce high-quality proposals that give your team the best chance to win.

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Opportunity Intelligence Platform

Patri empowers companies to win smarter in complex industries through data-powered solutions and expert services. Patri delivers opportunity intelligence, enabling proposal, sales, capture, SE, and revenue ops teams to pursue the right opportunities, while avoiding the wrong ones, driving increased efficiency and win rates.

Proposal, Capture, and Sales professionals are able to better identify, qualify, and compare opportunities with objective data using Patri Score and Patri Explore, ensuring that valuable organizational resources are not being wasted on poor fits. Patri Debrief dissects past opportunities for competitive insights that can inform future pursuits. Patri’s data-backed qualification has helped top companies across multiple countries save over 35,000 hours and $34 million.

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Vendorpedia AutoComplete

Organizations are constantly responding to incoming security, privacy, and due diligence questionnaires from their clients and potential clients. Our Vendorpedia AutoComplete is a questionnaire response software that helps vendors automatically answer incoming questionnaires. The tool offers a simple dashboard to collaborate on incoming questionnaires, store all your questionnaire answers and security documentation, as well as Auto-Complete any assessment. Our Auto-Complete technology matches your stored answers with incoming questionnaires using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and OneTrust Athena™ AI.

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Wicked Point® Portal

APMP Member Price: 15% discount first-year annual subscription

Enable your bid teams with a comprehensive web-based solution that encompasses all aspects of proposal operations and is an ideal solution for virtual collaboration:

  • Scalable workspaces can be customized to your specific needs
  • Centralized tools & templates
  • At-a-glance opportunity status tracking
  • Year-over-year reporting
  • Centralized baseline and associated content management
  • FOIA materials management
  • Legacy proposal storage

Developed by industry experts—with decades of experience covering every aspect of the proposal development lifecycle—the Wicked Point® Portal is easy to use and can be tailored to your requirements.

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TenderEyes Enterprise Bid Management Software

APMP Member Price: 20% discount for Year 1 Subscription

Are you bidding for high value public sector and commercial tenders?   

We know it’s a huge challenge for any business. Help your Bid Teams deliver smarter, streamlined working and enhanced bid control. Give them the time and space to improve response quality, scores and win rates.   

TenderEyes has a long-established record of empowering top-tier businesses achieve:

  • Smarter opportunity management
  • Rapid project mobilisation and automation
  • Greater content quality, access and use
  • Wider communication and collaboration
  • Deeper reporting and insights. 

Developed by industry experts, the TenderEyes scalable, modular solution includes intuitive tools and in-built best practice to achieve end-to-end bid and contract management success. 

Empowering Enterprise Bid Excellence and Success! 

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Wicked Point® MS Word Template Automation

APMP Member Price: 5% discount

Automate repetitive and/or complex tasks to ensure quality and consistency while yielding significant time and cost savings. Custom task ribbons in MS Word automate many formatting functions and can save hours during assembly and formatting:

Choose from an extensive catalog of already developed functions
Tailor existing functions to business needs (colors, styles, etc.)
Request custom functions to meet unique requirements/processes
Contact us to explore options to save you time and money.

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RFP360 designs, develops, and delivers RFP and proposal management software that transforms how organizations request information, respond to requests, and connect. Customers choose our solution for these key reasons: 1) RFP360 provides immediate value because it offers easy-to-use, practical, and purposeful features. 2) RFP360 improves efficiency through better knowledge management, collaboration, and automation. 3) RFP360 impacts the bottom line as they deliver more effective, consistent, and repeatable results. Simply put, RFP360 empowers organizations to create faster, better proposals that win more business. It also enables organizations to establish best practices for evaluating and selecting the right vendors.

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APMP Member Discount: 10% on the first year’s subscription

OneTeam is a secure, cloud-based collaboration platform to track, qualify, capture, propose and win more contracts. Manage your opportunity pipeline, capture process, proposal planning, and proposal development with fewer resources by streamlining and automating processes.

BD Managers focus on growing the business while OneTeam integrates the BD Team, processes, and technologies with Strategic Planning, Pipeline Analytics, Revenue Projections, Power BI integration, and more.

Capture Managers focus on developing winning strategies, while OneTeam organizes pipeline and bid data. Easily evaluate opportunities automatically integrated from GovWIn or SalesForce, with a customizable real-time Qualification Matrix, dynamic Capability Matrix to select the best team members, Gate Review Templates that auto-populate opportunity data from OneTeam, conduct SWOT Analysis and develop Capture Strategies, Features, Benefits, and Win Themes.

Proposal Managers focus on developing winning bids, while OneTeam automates many proposal tasks. Create an integrated Proposal Outline and Compliance Matrix, automate the Data Call Workflow, Auto-Generate Writer Packages, conduct Collaborative Color Team Reviews, and use our custom Microsoft Word add-in that makes annotated outlines a thing of the past. Instead of maintaining a library of organized separate documents, move to an integrated database that has been designed specifically for long lifecycle contracting opportunities with all data tied to the opportunity and always available to designated team members with easily controlled access and permissions.

OneTeam is customizable to your BD process throughout the entire BD lifecycle. OneTeam is continuously releasing and updating features to automate more tasks and help BD teams win more business!

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The Thinking Tool ─ Because We Are in A Thinking-Person’s Business

The Solution Engineering Tool, or “SET™” enables your company to do the necessary strategic thinking to win a competitive pursuit.  SET helps answer the most important question when submitting a competitive bid ― “Why your company?”

What are some features and benefits of using SET?

  • SaaS-based
  • Easily complements and enables existing business development processes.
  • Helps do necessary strategic thinking before writing.
  • Enables better decision-making, particularly at Executive Level.
  • Develops a visual and digital blueprint of win for pursuit stakeholders.
  • Supports design and development of solution for your competitive response.
  • Stores rich context of how deal was bid to increase company value over time.
  • Captures company’s intellectual capital with each use to enable future growth.
  • Quantifies growth status of your enterprise.
  • Lowers cost of capturing new business
  • Readies you for recompete ─ helps protect customer business you have.
  • Valuable for any size company, any size pursuit, any proposal response time.
  • Affordable for any size budget.

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The New Way to Manage Your CVs and Case Studies

Easily manage and tailor your company’s credentials for tenders Quickly highlight the most relevant experience for each bid and proposal Effortlessly export CVs and Case Studies to Word, PowerPoint, and PDF.

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Avnio™ RFx — Automate Your RFP Responses

Avnio RFx is a fast, efficient, and simple to use automated RFP response solution. Flexible integrations with CRM tools mean that you can win more of the right business in the workflow you’re used to by leveraging your own sales & bid process.

As a cloud-based and artificial intelligence-fuelled solution, Avnio RFx improves response quality for tenders, RFPs, RFIs, DDQs, Security Questionnaires, & PQQs. By automating the tedious tasks, it gives you the time to focus on what matters most.

Using machine learning and natural language processing, Avnio RFx ingests complex documents and automatically produces answers based on previous questions and content. Avnio RFx creates and manages a single source of company knowledge to improve the quality of responses, reduce the chance of duplication, and keep content up to date.

Make your process more efficient by customizing your current workflow, allowing for end-to-end bid project management. The solution provides additional tools such as integrated qualification processes, the ability to assign responses, and the ability to collaborate via channels such as MS Teams & Slack from any device. Avnio RFx also uses automatic language detection to allow for near-instant translation to your native tongue.

Because the tool is so simple and easy to use, Avnio RFx customers have reported that responses can be completed up to 75% faster compared to their current processes.

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I never want to be complacent in my career, so it has been beneficial to have this group of peers who are going through similar trials and tribulations in the proposal world on a day-to-day basis.
jill zander
Jill Zander, CF APMP
During my association with APMP, I have been fortunate to have met and gathered wisdom from several industry stalwarts.
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Karthik Koutharapu, CP APMP
APMP has changed my professional life, elevating it to a standard that I didn’t know existed. Aside from the professional advantages of being certified as an APMP Professional, it’s the community of members who make it so special.
Rita Mascia, CPP APMP
This topic, Executive Summaries, is way underrated. The Executive Summary is the most eye-catching document, which almost everyone on the customer side reads. Yet, in most bid teams, we don’t dedicate the attention it deserves. I want to learn about something I can immediately put into practice at my workplace, which provides a “quick win” to the team and is a long-term benefit for the company.
Dénes Máthé, CF ES-M APMP
Without APMP, I would not have the tools or knowledge of the industry to have the career I have today and the success I have experienced.
Liz Megli
Liz Megli, CF APMP
APMP Certification is an important milestone in the bid and proposal profession. It helped me upgrade my knowledge and be competitive in the industry. You can achieve your dream career with APMP certifications. Thanks to APMP India.
Swapnil Patange
Swapnil Patange, CF APMP
Certification has enhanced my worth as a bid professional. It has validated the skills and experience I have and is proof of my bid management qualities and capabilities. It has given me a springboard to develop my career and aim for Professional certification.
Aynsley Davidson v2
Aynsley Davidson, CP APMP
The Executive Summary is the key element of each proposal, literally the most important part of the response next to the price – this is why my focus was on this micro certification. Understanding the principles of Deal-Strategy, Win-Strategy, Competitor-Analysis, Ghosting, Persuasive Writing, Features/Benefits/Discriminators, and many more is essential and beneficial for so much more than just the Executive Summary.
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Florian Lamisch, CF ES-M APMP
Receiving Practitioner-level certification boosted my confidence and validated my experiences and professional growth in the bid and proposal industry. The badge is something that I see each day, and it motivates and encourages me to keep networking, learning, and elevating others in our combined professional development goals.
Kim Ruff
Kim Ruff, CP APMP
APMP has provided an incredible platform for seasoned individuals from the Proposal and Bid Management profession and young professionals who want to start their careers in this field.
Mayura Ravishankar, Proposal Associate