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BSI PAS 360:2023

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How can you get PAS 360:2023?

Obtaining PAS 360:2023 is simple and accessible to everyone. The code of practice is available for free download from the BSI website. Simply visit their website, locate PAS 360:2023, and download the document to start benefiting from its guidelines and recommendations.

What are the benefits of using PAS 360:2023?

Implementing PAS 360:2023 can bring numerous benefits to organisations engaged in bid and proposal management, including: increasing the likelihood of winning business; lowering the risks of procurement and contract delivery; enhanced brand and reputation; attracting and retaining qualified professionals; expanding into new markets; advancing procurement expertise; advancing the bid and proposal profession.

What is PAS 360:2023?

PAS 360:2023 is a code of practice that focusses on ‘the organisation’. It offers a framework for implementing a bid and proposal management functions that effectively pursue and win business. By establishing a universal code of practice, it aims to bring bid and proposal management organisational standards in line with the quality of established practices in similar industries.  And the high volume of detailed feedback during the public consultation stage indicates the importance of this code of practice to our industry.

What is a PAS?

A Publicly Available Standard (PAS) is a standardisation document that defines an industry-specific solution for good practice for a process, service, or product. The development of a PAS is led by BSI in collaboration with a steering group of stakeholders selected from relevant fields.

How is PAS 360:2023 different to the APMP Body of Knowledge?

PAS 360:2023 complements APMP’s Body of Knowledge (BoK) – which APMP members have access to through their membership – it does not replace it. The BoK is acknowledged in the PAS 360:2023 bibliography alongside other publications, standards, and further reading materials. In short, PAS 360:2023 is focussed on ‘the organisation’ whereas the BoK is focussed on ‘the individual’.

Who owns PAS 360:2023?

As the creator of PAS 360:2023, BSI owns the copyright. The initiative is sponsored by APMP. The technical author for PAS 360:2023 is BidCraft Limited, an APMP Approved Training Organisation. The stakeholder steering group includes industry leaders, government and public sector organisations, trade associations, and professional bodies.

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Anthony Rossi, CF APMP
The Executive Summaries Micro-Certification exam was easy to follow and clear in what was required. I found the learning materials to be very informative, and they will be a great tool to use while in the exam and for future executive summary tasks.
Sarah Chapman, CP ES-M APMP
I never want to be complacent in my career, so it has been beneficial to have this group of peers who are going through similar trials and tribulations in the proposal world on a day-to-day basis.
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Jill Zander, CF APMP
Acquiring the executive summary micro certification has helped to build my confidence in producing best practice Executive Summaries. I also benefit from the social media badge for my LinkedIn profile and certification to add to my resume. Both of these allow me to verify my Executive Summary capabilities.
Laura Rispin, CP ES-M APMP
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Valerie Kessie, CP APMP
My experience, combined with the APMP Body of Knowledge, helped me obtain both the APMP Foundation exam and the Practitioners exam within a week.
Sonal Bhatnagar, CP APMP, PMP
You can expand your network by attending the local Chapter webinar and events. They provide an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals locally to create and share consumable content, ideas, tools, and resources.
Sonal Bhatnagar, CP APMP, PMP
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Swapnil Patange
Swapnil Patange, CF APMP
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Rita Mascia, CPP APMP