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Lead the Way to More Wins!

Unlock Your Leadership Potential with APMP's Leadership Academy.

Are you ready to transform your approach to leadership in the competitive world of bids and proposals? 

Look no further than the APMP Leadership Academy

Apply to join the inaugural class of our innovative leadership program for bid and proposal professionals like you! The APMP Leadership Academy is your opportunity to accelerate your career trajectory, give your earning potential a boost, and cement your status as a top-tier leader in the industry

Graduates of this hand-selected cohort will leave with all the expertise they need to be the best leaders they can be through a blend of intimate online classes and real-world implementation. Not only that, but they’ll be awarded a special credential to demonstrate their proven leadership acumen.  

The charter cohort of the APMP Leadership Academy will be limited to ONLY 20-30 APMP members!

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What is the APMP Leadership Academy? 

  • The only comprehensive leadership program designed specifically for the bid and proposal industry
  • A six-month hybrid learning journey comprised of live-online learning, as well as offline learning milestones.  
  • Eight digestible modules exploring real-world, industry-specific learning scenarios
  • Designed to fit into the flow of your working life, with the opportunity to implement your learning into your workplace in real-time, regardless of your current position. 

What will you get from the APMP Leadership Academy? 

  • Cutting-edge professional development, where every aspect of the program is tailored to enable you to excel in the bid and proposal field
  • All the support and tools you need to build deep knowledge and broad understanding of critical leadership topics. 
  • The chance to build capabilities beyond the program with collaborative connections with fellow Academy Alumni. 
  • A prestigious and highly-respected industry certification to validate your commitment, passion and capabilities as a Bid and Proposal leader. 

If you’re selected to join our inaugural class, you’ll also be the only cohort to receive our exclusive Charter Graduate certification to show that you’re a pioneering leader in this industry. 

A short-term commitment...


... A lifetime investment.

Leadership Academy Graduate:

With our core cohort-based program, you’ll get:

  • Eight live and online, small-group sessions.
  • Offline learning milestones.
  • Our brand new, exclusive Leadership Certification.

495 USD

How can you apply?

The program is open to all APMP members!

Whether you’re an existing leader looking to revolutionize your leadership capabilities, or an aspiring leader looking to climb the career ladder, we welcome you to apply.

All you need to do is fill out the form below, letting us know why you are well-suited to this opportunity.

We will be selecting 20-30 applicants to join us on the charter journey of the APMP Leadership Academy.

Apply now for the chance to:

  • Gain the industry credibility that comes with being chosen to be part of this distinguished cohort!
  • Be among the first recipients of the premier industry-specific leadership certification!
  • Be among the ONLY recipients of the exclusive Charter Graduate certification by virtue of being in the inaugural class!

Are you up to the challenge?


Apply for the APMP Leadership Academy

During my association with APMP, I have been fortunate to have met and gathered wisdom from several industry stalwarts.
KK 2
Karthik Koutharapu, CP APMP
My experience, combined with the APMP Body of Knowledge, helped me obtain both the APMP Foundation exam and the Practitioners exam within a week.
Sonal Bhatnagar, CP APMP, PMP
Receiving Practitioner-level certification boosted my confidence and validated my experiences and professional growth in the bid and proposal industry. The badge is something that I see each day, and it motivates and encourages me to keep networking, learning, and elevating others in our combined professional development goals.
Kim Ruff
Kim Ruff, CP APMP
APMP certification is the gold standard for the industry. For me, accreditation is formal recognition of my commitment to the profession, as well as an avenue for improving my performance and bid outcomes by training in APMP principles.
Tuck Ailsa Photo Cropped
Ailsa Tuck, CP APMP
The Executive Summaries Micro-Certification exam was easy to follow and clear in what was required. I found the learning materials to be very informative, and they will be a great tool to use while in the exam and for future executive summary tasks.
Sarah Chapman, CP ES-M APMP
Being a part of APMP, I get access to the knowledge and experience of great leaders and mentors from the community. I have learned a great deal from the webinars and conferences I attended on diverse topics from career progression in Proposal Management, trends (such as automation) in PreSales to achieving work-life balance, and handling burn-outs – all real-life experiences.
Kulkarni Shubhada photo
Shubhada Kulkarni, CP APMP
I would advise new professionals to take advantage of the resources that APMP offers. Not only do you have access to conferences and seminars through your chapter, but the free webinars and the robust network of professionals are great benefits that can help advance one’s career.
3. Kessie Valerie photo
Valerie Kessie, CP APMP
The certifications, starting from the foundation to the professional level, help individuals from diverse timeframes in their careers.
Mayura Ravishankar, Proposal Associate
I love that my high scores in English and grammar from grade school finally paid off! I understand where I fit in professionally with a career that is rewarding on many levels. I owe all of this to APMP!
Bette Sturino, CP APMP
Acquiring this micro-certification allows me to expand my aperture regarding the collaboration between capture and proposal management to develop more robust, customer-centric Executive Summaries for future pursuits. It allows me to advance my skill set, evolve my knowledge, and reflect my commitment to continuous learning.
Stephen Yuter, ES-M APMP