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15-16 September 2022

BPC Asia

In Mumbai, India

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November 17, 2022

Capture & Business Development Conference (Online)

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Bid, Proposal, Capture, Business Development, Graphics Professionals, and More.

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The Association of Proposal Management Professionals is the internationally accepted authority serving and educating those who win business to drive revenue to their organization. It is the industry that serves all industries and promotes the professional growth of its members by advancing the arts, sciences, and technologies of bids and proposals.

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Tara Kowalke Webinar 800x600 Website

APMP Webinar - August 16, 2022

How to Win a Proposal in 10 Days or Less

With so many presentations focused on SLED proposal with long lead times, let's discuss how best to support a process that only allows for 10 business days (or less) to be effective, on point, and stands apart from the crowd.

Join us for this "Best of BPC Dallas" session and learn how to leverage SMEs to support your process, key items needed in your proposal library, and how to have flexibility with deadlines and requirements.


Hinz Sponsored Webinar 800x600 Website

APMP Sponsored Webinar - August 23, 2022

Whose Proposal is it Anyway?!

Best practices in the proposal and capture industry inspire discussion and controversy. Our team takes on the debate with you as our guests. Join us for the ride while industry veterans poke holes, debate, discuss and have fun while discussing industry’s favorite points of contention.

Is storyboarding necessary? Is business development equivalent to capture? What’s the point of a review team? We’ll discuss common practices versus best practices within the proposal industry, all while engaging in some fun competition.


Kati Stutsman Webinar 800x600 Website

APMP Webinar - August 31, 2022

Design Proposals That Look Like Magazines

Kati will share how her background as a newspaper section editor has influenced the way she manages proposals. Attendees will see real examples of how storyboarding content helps set author/participant assignments and how pre-planning design helps identify opportunities to reinforce win themes. This session will include a live demonstration on how to turn a magazine page into a recyclable proposal template, with a few tips on sharing editable layouts via Adobe Creative Cloud libraries.


  • Tips and tricks for getting the most from authors and content creators
  • Process recommendations for transitioning from Word to InDesign
  • Build stronger connections between strategic messaging and how evaluators consume content


Sarah Reynolds Westin Webinar 800x600 Website v3

APMP Webinar - July 7, 2022

Pace Text for Readers to Win Proposals

Do you ever get lost in texts? Likely, the writer hasn't used pacing. This session walks attendees through the art of pacing text for readers, using the "remote control" strategy and showing how incorporating it increases proposal wins.

Join us for this "Best of BPC Dallas" presentation and learn what the "remote control" strategy is, discover how to apply the "remote control", and see your wins improve, because of the "remote control"