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APMP Practitioner Prep Webinars, offered by CSK

The Webinar is comprised of two Webinar sessions (first session: 120 minutes, second session: about 90-120 minutes).

Between the Webinar sessions, you will be able to go through sample questions. This CSK Certification Prep Course includes the following elements:

  • Overview of the APMP Practitioner certification
    • Exam approach
    • Exam structure
    • Question types
  • Methodical exam preparation and tips on how to pass
  • How to register for the exam
  • Sample questions


  • Day 1 - Wed, Aug 24, 2022: 10.00 a.m. ET/EST
  • Day 2 - Thu, Sep 8, 2022:10.00 a.m. ET/EST

More Information: